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Best Ways on How to Catch a Cheater in Just a Few Minutes!

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How to Catch a Cheater Using GoLookUp!

There is never a right answer when it comes to cheating. Why people do it and how it makes their partners or spouse feel. Being cheated on is one of the worse feelings and experience someone can go through. Cheaters will always come up with excuses and reasons as to why they have cheated, though, there never seems to be a good enough reasons for cheating. Most people would agree that if you want to be with someone else, you should just breakup your current relationship. Unfortunately, in 2018 technology makes it rather easy to cheat. With so many secret dating apps and secret messaging apps, people have it really easy in hiding their cheating habits. Luckily, GoLookUp has developed a tool that makes it extremely easy to catch a cheater! You can find out who your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or partner has been speaking with, by simply entering a phone number into GoLookUp’s phone search fields and perform a free reverse phone lookup.

Best Ways to Catch a Cheater. Here are some Catching Cheaters Tips:

1. Check their Phones and Connected Tablet to their iMessage!

Most people do not really know how to delete text messages, or even rename the person they are cheating with. Those who do change the names on their phone, would suddenly have a new name on their phone constantly. You might want to run a reverse phone check on that specific name and see what the true name of the number behind it. Some common name changes that may look suspicious for you to check:

  • "Roger from Gym"
  • "Summer from Accounting"
  • "Michael from Marketing"
  • "Ciara Graphic Designer"
  • "Bob Dog Helper"

The above are just common tricks cheaters would use to play with their phone to trick their partners!

Further more, most smartphones and tablets are synced together. You will be able to know who they are texting if their home tablets is left open. Texts on smartphones, would in most cases show on their synched tablet and/or even laptop or desktop!

Catch a cheater
How to Catch a Cheater

2. If your Partner refuses to turn on My Phone Locator by Apple, they may be hiding something.

People who are hiding something usually would go along way from really revealing their location. If your partner refuses to share their location with you, or “mistakenly” turns off their phone location app, you may have a reason to suspect something fishy is going on.

3. Check their Social Media Accounts

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter. You can see who they are constantly following and commenting on. These social media apps and websites make it really easy for cheaters to cheat. However, if used right, they can make it easy to catch cheaters as well! If you log into their social media account, you will be able to perform a search for the latest chats and see who he/she has been chatting with rather easily.

4. Do they Suddenly have Last Things they Have to Run out and Do?

Cheaters would come up with crazy excuses to get some free time. It can be a fake new tasks that has come up from work, or a friend that may “suddenly” need help at a late hour. These excuses vary from person to person. Its up to you to keep your eye open and read between the line. Some cheaters would go the extra length and have their friends cover for them. So make sure you check exactly where they are if the excuse seem unreasonable!

5. Hidden Camera at your Joint Home or Apartment

If you are really suspicious and you do not spend a lot of time at home. You can set up a hidden camera. Getting a small camera that is not visible to the eye is rather easy. You can get one on Amazon for really cheap and get it shipped to you the same day. Place the camera somewhere no one would notice and just record and see if anything is going on while you are not home.

Why Should you Create a GoLookUp Account Rather then Just Run a One time Cheater Search?

Unlike other cheating applications and websites, GoLookUp offers a lot more then just phone number tracking and contact information for phone numbers. GoLookUp offers a wide variety of services that will allow you to tap into hundreds of millions of public records through a user friendly, easy to use interface. Once you create a GoLookUp account you will get unlimited access to all services offered by GoLookUp!

Advanced Background Check Search

GoLookUp is a leading background check website. We do not just claim to be the best background check service online, we stand up to our word as well. Our data and information is real time and offers public records and information such as: Court records, felonies, arrest records, marriage records, divorce records, unclaimed money records, reverse email search, property information, contact information, images, mugshots and sex offender information a lot more. Your GolookUp account enables you to search every data point we offer!

Unclaimed Funds

Also known as unclaimed money. GoLookUp is a leading missing money and unclaimed money service provider in the United States. Your account will let you search for any unclaimed funds that may be long to you or your family. There is about $60 billion of unclaimed money waiting to be collected with state governments. Unclaimed money is simply money which has had zero contact from its rightful owner for a period of 12 months or more. GoLookUp is the only source that lets you search every state and corporation for missing money that may be long to you!

Reverse Email Search

Running a reverse email search can also help you catch a cheater. Many cheaters user fake emails too speak to the other person. If you are able to get access to your partner’s emails, you can run a reverse email search with GoLookUp and find out who they have been speaking with. This will allow you to get complete contact information for any email in the United States. When you create your GoLookUp account you get unlimited searching capabilities to reverse email searches!

Reverse Address Search

More then just emails and phone numbers, GoLookUp allows you to run reverse address search and find out everything you need to know about an address. This includes home owner information and contact information. If you have an address for the person your partner is cheating with, you can get complete address information include first and last name in less then a minute! GoLookUp allows you to run unlimited reverse email searches!

Sex Offender Search

GoLookUp will also allow you to search for sex offenders living in your near your neighborhood by simply entering your zip code. Results will reveal mugshots, felonies and current and previous addresses. Running a sex offender search is easy and is a part of your GoLookUp account membership, the same moment you create an account.

Arrest Records Search

When you create a GoLookUp account, you will get unlimited access to arrest records search. You will be able to search for inmates, make prison searches as well as warrant and felonies searches! Arrest records search is part of GoLookUp’s public records data base!

Is Tracking a Phone Free with GoLookUp?

Though many cheater applications will maker themselves as free, they are not. GoLookUp data is superb data. Creating an account requires a fee. However, you can run a one time check and submit a request for just a one time report! If you are looking to get the best and most accurate results, we recommend creating an account with GoLookUp.

We offer 100% money back guarantee and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer service! Go ahead start using GoLookUp catch a cheater service, you are in good hands!

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