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Public Records and Court Records Search

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What are Public Records?

Public Records are aggregated records that are available from millions of sources. Public Records include: First and last name, previous and current address information, social activities and email addresses. Public Records also include previous and current phone numbers. When you perform a Public Records search you will receive contact information and in some cases the person’s images and photos! Court Records are also includes in Public Records results. When a person commits a crime or felony against the state, or country; that record or court record is registered into their profile and can be brought up in a Background Check search. A Public Record Search can be a very useful thing when you want to know more about a person you are dealing with, or would like to know what information is available about yourself publicly!

What Is Revealed when You Perform a Public Records Search?

Address Information

public records

Social Activities

public records

Phone Numbers

public records

Court Records

public records

Public Records – Discover Important Information with Ease

Not that many years ago, the internet was not available to all of us, and we had to find important information in books and different literature and. The same was true with official agencies, such as governments across the U.S.A, that had to document important information manually. This meant that different records, such as birth records, death records, marriage records, criminal records and more were written down on paper. Some of these documents, along with similar records from recent years, have been uploaded online, and have become public records. Finding these documents on your own is next to impossible, but with GoLookUp's Public Records search, you can save time and find important information at the click of a button.

What do public records include?

Public records, as their name suggests, are records that are not sealed and have become available to the public. Each state has its own rules and laws about keeping and revealing public records, and not all of them grant access to these types of records.

Also, each state has a different agency that holds public records, and for instance, one state can hold birth and death records at an archives office, marriage and divorce records at the state court, and criminal records at the local sheriff's office. Those that wish to conduct a people search on a certain person will have to submit requests with all three agencies, pay separate fees and wait for a standard period of time to receive them.

The GoLookUp website has solved this problem with an advanced data base search that can help locate and extract all kinds of public records in the U.S.A from all the states in one easy to use website.

GoLookUp Public Records in No time

Sifting through billions of public records is not possible by any one man. In order to allow you to find accurate information regarding a certain person, GoLookUp has set up a unique search engine that aggregates information from billions of public records from all across the U.S states, and provides you with the information you desire in no time at all.

With GoLookUp's public records search, you can enter basic information on any resident in the United States and receive their full profile and history within minutes.

Why Use a Public Records Search?

In many situations in life, we come across people that tell us their life story and different details from their past, and our first instinct is to trust them. In some situations, the things people tell us raise a red flag when we notice contradictions in their stories or that the things they sat just do not add up. In these cases, and many others, we can find out the truth through a public record look up and a background check that can help us in the following matters:

  1. Being safe on the web – today more than ever, people meet others online for romantic or plutonic purposes. With many stories that ended up with someone getting hurt by a person they met online, it is up to us to find out who really lies on the other side of the screen with a public records check.
  2. Preventing fraud - when we need accurate information about a person, such as past marriages or criminal records, we can find it with a public records check. This way, we will be safe from fraud and know the truth about a person we just met or have known for a while
  3. Keeping safe from harm – many arrest and criminal records become public records and allow us to find out about the criminal past of an individual. Whether someone is a repeat offender or a registered sex offender, GoLookUp's public records check can help you find out if they have a violent criminal past
  4. The right information can help us make life changing decisions, and also to stay away from harm's way. With GoLookUp's public records check, you can discover important information about the past and present of anyone in the U.S and make the best choices for yourself with ease.