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What Exactly are Arrest Records?

Arrest records contain information that pertains to an individual's criminal history and conviction record. This information is collected by law enforcement and reveals any prior convictions in a court of law. Whether the crime was a misdemeanor or a felony, the department of justice keeps these details on file by court order. A felony is a serious crime, whereas a misdemeanor is more minor.

The conviction records are maintained for a duration of time dictated by the “statute of limitations” that is in turn dependent on the nature of the crime. The statute determines how long the arrest record will be maintained.

After this stipulation period, the record is destroyed and is no longer considered valid. An arrest report is public information, and thus it is perfectly legal for an online database to give you public access to someone’s incarceration and criminal record. This holds true for whether the applicant you are searching for committed a felony, misdemeanor, or other criminal charge.

Of course, looking up an applicant’s name and date of birth and finding a traffic violation is far less frightening than finding out someone is a sex offender. Even so, it’s important to note that a traffic violation is a criminal act, and so this misdemeanor will appear on someone’s criminal record.

Why is GoLookUp the Best Website to Search for Arrest Records

GoLookUp aggregates and collections millions of Mugshots and Arrest Records from tens of thousands of real time data sources. If you are looking to find a mugshot of the last 24 hour arrest, or a mugshot from your local police department; GoLookUp is the best place to start searching. Your results will return inmate information, federal prisons information, arrests and charges for each person.

You will also get information regarding the sentence and crime the individual has been charged of. As always you will have to comply with FCRA laws and use our information with extreme caution.

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First Name Baxter

Last Name Britton S

Age 19

Gender Male

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Arrest Records Check People

9.8 provides instant access to online arrest records in an easy-to-read report. Online arrest records will show if the arrest was for a business violation, drug or alcohol related, for a violent crime, from theft or robbery, or was a traffic-related incident. Please keep in mind that an arrest does not constitute guilt. People can be arrested if suspected of a crime, and arrest records are always made after someone is detained by a police officer. But remember, that guilt can only be determined by a court of law. lets you access arrest records easily through its website portal once you become a member. Arrest records with check people may include, business violations, alcohol offenses, cyber crimes, robbery offenses, traffic violations and incidents and other crimes that are listed not the person’s background check report.

Best Inclusive Records
Arrest Records Been Verified


Been Verified arrest records are part of its public record report. The information comes from law enforcement agencies and placed on a a persons public record if here as been a violation or crime associated with that person. Been Verified’s arrest record report has a large amount of information such as crime violation and its details. There might be a different number of descriptions depending on the sources the information comes from.

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Arrest Records People Looker


Fastest and easiest way to access arrest records online is with People Looker. Its easy to use interface will allow you to find and uncover felonies attached to someone’s record, as well as misdemeanors, traffic violations and much more.

Best for Public Records
Arrest Records GoLookUp


Tap into millions of arrest records provided by GoLookUp arrest records data base. GoLookUp’s arrest and criminal record data base updates every 24 hours, so you get instant arrest records on people who have just been arrested. GoLookUp also allows you to search for arrest records by county and state, so you get more accurate results for arrest records online.

Best for Criminal Records

What Details Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

The Arrest Records will contain details such as:

Age and other demographics:
The current age and the age of the individual at the time of the criminal activity is mentioned. Fingerprints, identification marks, photographs, social security number, race, prior arrests if any are also listed in the arrest records.

Criminal classification:
The nature and type of crime is mentioned in this section. Misdemeanors involve imprisonment that do not last beyond a year and have a shorter statute of limitation. Felonies on the other hand are more severe in terms of punishment and involve longer statutes of limitation.

Details of any fines:
If the crime involved payment of fines or penalties if any are mentioned in the arrest record as well. Pending hearings or litigations: The arrest record will also indicate if there are any pending litigations, hearings or additional convictions.

Military service record if applicable:
If the individual was serving in the military and the crime was committed during the service, the arrest record will contain these details beside the details pertaining to dishonorable discharge.

Police & Arrest Records Are Available
Police & Arrest Records Are Available

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Arrest Records Mugshots

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