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What Exactly are Arrest Records?

Arrest records contain documented information pertaining to an individual’s criminal history. Records are only maintained of any convictions in a court of law. Judicial administration and law enforcement agencies both maintain the arrest record in their archives.

The Arrest Records are maintained for a certain duration dictated by the ‘statute of limitations’ that is in turn dependent on the nature of the crime. The statute determines how long the arrest records should be maintained. After this stipulated period, the record needs to be destroyed and no longer considered valid.

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What details do the arrest records contain?

The Arrest Records will contain details such as:

Age and other demographics:
The current age and the age of the individual at the time of the criminal activity is mentioned. Fingerprints, identification marks, photographs, social security number, race, prior arrests if any are also listed in the arrest records.

Criminal classification:
The nature and type of crime is mentioned in this section. Misdemeanors involve imprisonment that do not last beyond a year and have a shorter statute of limitation. Felonies on the other hand are more severe in terms of punishment and involve longer statutes of limitation.

Details of any fines:
If the crime involved payment of fines or penalties if any are mentioned in the arrest record as well. Pending hearings or litigations: The arrest record will also indicate if there are any pending litigations, hearings or additional convictions.

Military service record if applicable:
If the individual was serving in the military and the crime was committed during the service, the arrest record will contain these details beside the details pertaining to dishonorable discharge.

Police & Arrest Records Are Available
Police & Arrest Records Are Available

Crime Rate in the United States. Know the Numbers!

Since the first colonization of America, criminal records have allowed authorities all across the USA to keep track of a person's criminal past. Nowadays, each state has its own criminal records and documentations gathered over the years that is some cases become public records.

This documentation allows to gain perspective on the crime rates across the USA and conduct statistical analysis of crimes, number of jails and prisons, and also to discover the criminal "hot spots" across the country.

During 1963 and especially in the 1970s and early 1990s, there were peaks in crime all across the USA, a situation that has changed over time. Since those dark years, there has been a decline in crime rates in the U.S, and although it is nowhere near over, the number of violent crimes has become lower over the past decades.

Do to poverty, racial and religious tension, drug abuse, mental difficulties - such as depression, and domestic abuse or neglect, there are several cities across the U.S that have received the unfortunate title of being the most violent ones in the country:

  1. Detroit, Michigan – The birth place of grunge music and the Starbucks coffee chain is also considered the most violent city in the U.S with a violent crime rate of 2,137 crimes committed per every 100,000 residents.
  2. St. Louis, Missouri – The second most violent city on the U.S map is St. Louis with an average crime rate of 1,857 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. As of 2017, St. Louis hit a record number in murders committed, and became the city with the largest number of murders in the U.S.
  3. Oakland, California – The third most violent city in the U.S is Oakland, California averaging in at 1,683 violent crimes per 100,000 residents.

Following these three cities, we also find Memphis, Birmingham and Atlanta as part of the top 10 most violent cities in America. By definition, the violent crimes committed in each city are crimes where the offender threatens to use or actually uses force against the victim.

Variations in this definition in each state make the violent crimes to be a matter of jurisdiction, meaning that a violent crime in one state may not be considered the same in another state.

After the Seychelles, the U.S has the highest per-capita incarceration rate in the world at 698 people incarcerated per 100,000 people. In 2013, 2,220,300 adults were incarcerated in county jails and state and federal prisons in the US according to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). In addition to these 2 million inmates, a total of 4,751,400 adults were on parole or prohibition in 2013.

The prisoners sentenced to incarceration are divided into two major facilities in accordance to their crime. Those who violate United States federal law are placed in federal prisons, whereas those who violate territorial laws and/or state laws are placed in territorial or state prisons allowing authorities to monitor and analyze criminal acts in their jurisdiction.

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