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AnyWho Overview and Full AnyWho Review

Employer background checks are performed by more than 90% of employers in the country who want to find out the truth about applicants' history. While employers have access to professional companies that perform background checks regularly, not many people are aware that they can also perform such checks. AnyWho is one website you can use to perform a background check on people, and with our AnyWho review, you will be able to find out if it's the right service for you.

What is

AnyWho is a website that provides people search services, meaning it allows users to find information about people in their lives. The website also provides data about businesses, and you can use it from your PC or your mobile devices. The following are services provided by

  • People search – a search that allows users to find information about certain people, like their contact information, address, birth records, marriage records, court records, and more. To find the data, the user needs to provide identifying information about the person in question – first name, last name, and City, State or ZIP.
  • Reverse address lookup – this service by AnyWho allows users to find data about people based on their address.
  • Reverse phone lookup – allows users to find data about people based on their phone number.
  • Yellow Pages Search- AnyWho users can also find information about businesses based on the business' name or address. The yellow pages search results allow users to find business listings, business location maps, coupons relating to businesses, and more. The search can help users to find out if certain business/business owners are legitimate by discovering if they have a yellow pages' listing.

How AnyWho Works?

AnyWho derives data from Intelius, Inc. and public records; public records are records that are gathered by authorities across the country and are kept in both online and offline records. Under the Freedom of Information Act in the United States, certain personal records are available to the public. To search for these records offline, you will need to contact the authorities that maintain them and wait to get the results.

AnyWho Review
To make the process quicker and easier, websites, such as provide online access to public records. Once an identifying detail is entered into AnyWho's search directories, the website begins to scan public records and aggregates data from such records.

The search for public records takes several minutes, at the end of which users receive information about the people they are searching.

AnyWho Small Business Advertising and Listing Check

There are certain cases in which there are errors in small business listings; such errors can negatively affect businesses, especially if they are made in popular search engines, such as Google. Along with YP, allows small business owners to discover if there are listing mistakes in their data.

Review AnyWho
By using the YP (Yellow Pages) search service, businesses are able to change their incorrect online profiles and improve their strength. The service is unique to AnyWho, and other background check websites do not offer this special check. So, in that sense, AnyWho gets a positive review as it allows businesses to provide customers with accurate data and improve their exposure and reputation tremendously.

AnyWho Review

AnyWho has several advantages that make it popular among those who are searching for a reliable background check service. First of all, most of the services provided by the website are free, unlike similar background check sites. Another great thing about is the small business check that allows businesses to improve and list accurate information about themselves. The search services are quick and accurate, so you can get the answers you are searching for quickly and easily.

Reverse Phone Lookup

However, AnyWho's free services come at a cost; like other free background check services, the website does not have full access to public records. Full access to such records is provided by paid-per services, so you might not get all the data you need when using AnyWho. Several AnyWho users had this to say about the website (

- "Thanks! Finally was able to find a landline phone number for free when none of the others would give it to me without paying. (i.e. whitepages & peoplefinder) I understand about cell phones, but not public landlines & addresses. Got your site bookmarked for future requirements & do not mind paying for additional information if needed."

- "I've been using for years now; I most often use the site for the "reverse lookup" service. I find the site to be easy to use and have never had issues with bugs, non-working links or general issues some sites have. They may not be the greatest if you're into looking really deep and researching a ton of information, but for the most part, the site does exactly what it says and stays current with new trends. I'm always happy with the results."

Reverse Address Lookup,

- "Good Points


Bad Points


General Comments

The AnyWho Telephone Directory website is fantastic. It has a complete International Yellow Pages directory, and there is also a people search, business search and a handy Google search from within the site.

It is predominately aimed at the American market, but I managed to find everything I needed on the AnyWho site."

So, if you are searching for a reliable and free background check service, is the website for you. Keep in mind that you will not get full access to public records, but the service is definitely satisfying for most search purposes.


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