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Arrest records give you insight into people's criminal past, which can be very important in certain cases. Unfortunately, not many people share information about their criminal past, so it is up to you to discover if the people you let into your life have committed crimes that you should know about. If you want to learn how to find arrest records quickly and easily, the following information will help you.

What are Arrest Records?

When people are taken into custody because they committed criminal acts, they are under arrest. People can get arrested after an investigation has led them to be suspects of a crime, or immediately after a crime has occurred.

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An arrest record is a document that details a person's criminal history, and it is filed by law enforcement agencies in the state where the crime was committed. These records are used to keep track of people's criminal history, and they contain the following information about the person that was arrested:

  • Photographs (mugshots)
  • Fingerprints
  • Identifying marks
  • Name
  • Aliases
  • Race
  • Height
  • Social security number
  • Criminal charges

When are Arrest Records Used?

Arrest records are used in the background check process that helps individuals find out if certain people have a criminal past that they should know about. The most common uses for arrest records are with:

  • Employment – employers conduct criminal background checks on employers to find out if there are disqualifiers in their past that may prevent them from getting hired
  • Renting out properties – people who rent out apartments and homes check arrest records to find out if potential tenants have disqualifiers in their past, like evictions.
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With the help of arrest records, people can discover if others have a criminal past that they should know about. When performing an arrest records check, you can find out the details mentioned above about people's past and discover if they committed a crime that you should be aware of.

Why Should I Search for Arrest Records?

An arrest records search can help you discover what crimes lie in people's past, which is important in many cases, such as the following:

Dating – when you go out with someone you met online or offline, you cannot be certain if they are honest with you. There are many unfortunate cases in which people went out with strangers and ended up getting hurt by them. By performing an arrest records check, you can find out if someone you want to date has a violent criminal past, if they ever committed sex crimes, or if there is anything else that you should be aware of.

Meeting new people – whenever you meet new people you assume, they are honest with you, which is true in most cases. However, there are cases in which people are dishonest about their identity and their past for different reasons; those who plan to commit fraud, steal other people's identity, or commit other crimes can be sneaky and convincing.

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To protect yourself and your loved ones, you must find out if the people you meet have ever committed crimes that they plan on committing again. With an arrest records search, you will be able to discover what crimes people committed and avoid those who may be intending to harm you.

People who are a part of your children's life – children can fall victim to adults who may hurt them in various. An arrest records search will let you know if the people who are a part of your children's lives are registered sex offenders, or if they have ever committed crimes that you should know about as a parent.

Who to Search for Arrest Records?

In the past, you would have had to contact law enforcement agencies to find out what crime people committed. Nowadays, you no longer have to contact authorities to find arrest records. Instead, you can use online background check directories that will provide you with the information that you need in a matter of minutes.

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To perform the search, you need to provide a background check directory with one identifying detail about the person in question: their full name, phone number, physical address, or email address. Once you do so, the directory will scan millions of public records within minutes and provide you with the arrest records of the person you are searching, among other things.

The searches are based on public records, which are official records, so you can be certain that they are accurate and reliable as can be.

Free Trial Arrest Records

To help you decide which service is best for you, professional and pay-per background check directories provide a free trial or a $1 trial that allows you to explore the various services. The sites provide public records arrest reports that you can get quickly and easily, and you can test out public records memberships to find the one that provides you with the most accurate results in the shortest time period.

With the help of a professional public records directory, you will be able to find arrest records and much more data about people in your life, and make better decisions in regards to who will be a part of them.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 5, 2021
Sensitive Information!