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How to get Arrest Records in California?

The crime rate in California is high and very alarming. The state is ranked 16th in the violent crime rate in 2017. The criminals, who have committed a crime once, get a clean chit to repeatedly misuse the people’s trust and offend them once again. To prevent repetitive crimes, one has to be alert and check for criminal records before hiring anyone for a job or even renting a house. California State allows the public to check arrest records when requested formally.

What are Arrest Records?

Public Criminal records are the documents that record the criminal activity of a concerned person within the jurisdictions of the state. In common language, these are referred to as rap sheets. California arrest records are official documents related to the primary offender and others involved in the crime. These hold the information about the apprehension of the investigating officer and detention details.

When a person is thoroughly investigated and his or her name is cleared out of the crime, the arrest record mentions the details as well and no criminal record is created on that person’s name. In-short arrest records are not criminal records unless the arrest is followed by a court trial and indictment. According to California state law, not all arrests result in detention. California arrest records contain the following important data

Getting an Arrest Records in California

  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Date and place of arrest
  • Arresting officer name
  • Crime details
  • The address of the detention center or jail
  • Issuer name of an arrest warrant

What are the Contents of Arrest Records?

When someone is arrested by California Police Department, an arrest report is filed. The arrest record helps one to learn the following details about a person; namely:-

  1. Full name of the arrested person ( including the aliases)
  2. Arrest data
  3. Indictments
  4. Pending dispositions, lawsuits on their name
  5. Conviction information gathered from local courts and law enforcement offices
  6. Trial details
  7. Appeal details in courts
  8. Prisoner details in jail or state-run correction facilities
  9. A mug shot of the concerned person
  10. Arrest records and outstanding warrants

Thus, these records can help one to learn complete crime details about a person. Along with arrest records, there are arrest warrants and jail and inmate records available that one can check and verify before hiring anyone for a job or even renting a place of stay for them.

 Arrest Records in California

Where to Procure these Records?

California citizens have been given the rights under the Public Record Act of the California constitution to access arrest records and public records managed by local agencies and the Department of Justice. If one is trying to review their criminal record to apply for a job or obtain a certificate or license, plan a foreign travel, VISA or immigration procedures, etc. the following procedure is followed.

  1. They can write to the Department of justice and request a copy of the arrest record. Details like the name of the offender, the prison identification number, and time period, etc. should be mentioned in the request. The DOG takes 10 days to verify if they can fetch the record. Post the verification one has to apply for duplicate records and pay the processing fees and they can receive the copy of the record by email or hard copy
  2. There are online portals available through which one can request a public record in California. The online portal URL is

Arrest records are confidential information. The person who is requesting the records has to sign a non-disclosure agreement before obtaining the arrest record. However, if the offender is fine with information sharing, the details can be published in their respective forums after consensus.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!