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Arrest Records Search West Virginia 

In the very beginning, it is imperative to know whether arrest records are considered as public records in the state of West Virginia or not. There is a saying that one's past will definitely come back and haunt them. It is precisely the case as far as the criminal records are concerned. A person's criminal records can be indefinitely pulled. However, the only exceptions are applicable to the criminal records of an underage person or a minor. Once a person is an adult, his/her criminal record does not go away.

In West Virginia, all crimes are considered public records

According to West Virginia's Code of Laws. the state government should act as the servant of the people and not as their master. In accordance with this principle, all records maintained by the state government should be shared in the public domain. These records include criminal records apart from those records that may include information, which could damage a criminal investigation, which is going on or that information that can threaten the lives of the people who are named in those reports when they are made public.

It also signifies that it is quite a simple task to perform a criminal background check in West Virginia. Hence, any person can get to know about your criminal history whenever they want to. So, irrespective of whether you give your consent or not, your arrest record if any can be found out in the state. For example, any person who serves jail time should be fingerprinted. These fingerprints will be stored in a database that also stores similar data for all the other convicted.

West Virginia Arrest Records

When a person commits a criminal offense in West Virginia, he/she is charged or is arrested. The crime passes through the state's court system. Thereafter, the offender's arrest, sentencing, mug shot, as well as, the overall court docket become part of his/her public record. In West Virginia, any person who wishes to see the record may check the websites of the local courts, visit a courthouse, or can ask to release your desired information and get it mailed.

Searching arrest records online in West Virginia

You can go to the member area of the website and then visit the section called "Criminal Records". All searches for criminal records can be made in this section of the website. The searches for criminal records include are arrest records, warrant records, inmate records, jail records, and court records among others.

The user can search the database of criminal records by typing in the first name of a person, last name, and selecting West Virginia from the available list of states.

Arrest Records in West Virginia

Alternatively, a person can also visit the website for West Virginia State Records, and fill up certain search criteria to get the desired arrest records. The mission of this particular website is to offer all the citizens of West Virginia the freedom to search, get, examine, and preview public records of the state. The website thus ensures that the residents of West Virginia enjoy access to such details that are in line with the West Virginia Freedom of Information Act. The a;w mentions that the public can access all government records and information in the state of West Virginia.

The website features certain tools to help in making sure that each member in the public domain has the privilege to access the public records concisely and easily. The exceptions are only when a court decision, statutory law, or a constitutional law specifies otherwise.

Steps to search for an arrest record on the website of West Virginia State Records

  1. Go to
  2. Key in the first name and last name of the person whose arrest record you want to look up and mention the city name
  3. Check the box titles "arrest/warrant records" and then click on search

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!