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In New Hampshire, the Crime Records Unit has a responsibility associated with arrest records. Yes, this unit is liable to gather crime history data from different agencies. The agencies include law enforcement and justice agencies across New Hampshire. The unit also publicizes the Crime History Record Information shortly referred to as CHRI. It will provide details related to all arrests made for criminal issues and the nature of such cases.

What are the details stored in the database of CHRI?

CHRI is the complete source of information related to the criminal involvement of a person for New Hampshire State. CHRI gathers this from judicial offices and law enforcement agencies. Different police departments send fingerprint images. The police would have captured those images at the time of arresting the person.

Information pertaining to the issue of New Hampshire warrants is obtained from the magistrates’ bench. The office of the clerk of different superior courts and circuit courts in New Hampshire sends data related to offender disposition. They also send details about the warrants that are yet to be followed.

New Hampshire Arrest Records

Will there be an expiration date for records in the repository?

The data in the CHRI Repository do not expire. It means that any data that gets into the repository will stay. It will be maintained until the court orders the removal. It means that the name of the accused and the details about the crime will stay in there until the court orders the removal. Nevertheless, expungement is permitted only in very rare cases. Even after this, the arrest records are just sealed-off from the eyes of the public and are not completely removed. A law enforcement officer can access it.

Disclosure of arrest records from New Hampshire:

Civilians can request for the arrest records held by the Crime Records Unit. However, they will gain access only when they seek the details for non-justice-related purposes. Nevertheless, the CRU distributes the CHRI for law enforcement and judicial functions. For law enforcement purposes, the applicants will get all details related to non-conviction and conviction cases. If the request is from civilians and employers in healthcare, licensing and housing sectors, they get access to only matters that ended in a conviction.

All details of the criminal history of any individual or organization are confidential. So, the information can only be dispersed in keeping with the NHRSA 106-B standard. When the details are distributed for non-criminal justice purposes, information related to the criminal cases cannot be released without the written acceptance of the subject. In reality, except when the request is instigated by the individual, who is actually the record owner, for all other investigations, fingerprints of the subject will be essential.

 Arrest Records in New Hampshire
How to request Arrest Records in New Hampshire?

As mentioned earlier, the Criminal Records Unit maintains these records. This is done in a joint undertaking with the State Police and the Department of Public Safety. If you wish to request a background check in your own name, you can just send personal identifier details to the Criminal Records Unit. Otherwise, you can directly visit the agency.

After reaching the agency, you will have to fill up and submit the criminal records release form. When submitting this form, you will have to submit it with photo identification. If you send the warrant request via mail, you will have to get the application notarized. On the other hand, if you wish to get the arrest records of some other person, you will have to send a consent form along with notarization. For all inquiries, the person requesting will have to bear a fee of $25.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!