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South Carolina Arrest Records Search

Any information related to the government is considered as public information in the USA. The information is stored in the form of various records like arrest records, criminal records, court records, jail records, vital records, etc. Apart from a few sensitive and secretive records, all the public records including arrest records are made public.

According to the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act, information collected by the government should be put in the public domain so that citizens can get access to the information. Following the act ardently, the State of South Carolina has made all the records public including arrest records so that people can research, study or examine discreetly from the comforts of their home. Citizens of South Carolina including citizens of the USA can request records by contacting various authorities of South Carolina State.

The State of South Carolina began collecting records from the year 1671. The records contain details of the arrest, crime, and sentencing of an offender covering all the 46 counties.

South Carolina Arrest Records
Essentials of Arrest Records in South Carolina

Arrest records in the State of Carolina mainly contain information regarding a person’s criminal history. It specifies whether a person was apprehended, questioned, detained or taken into custody. In addition, the arrest records specify whether the person was tried or indicted for the crime, felony or misdemeanor. Arrest records are not considered criminal records until the offender is sentenced in the court of law.

Public records including arrest records can be obtained from various government organizations in the State of Carolina. You just have to follow some procedures before submitting an application for arrest records. Below are some of the public organizations and methods through which arrests records can be obtained in the State of South Carolina.

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division or shortly SLED is the primary division that handles the public records including arrest records. While applying for arrest records you need to provide information like fingerprints, date of birth, last name and first initial. A security number can also be used to obtain records but it is not mandatory. The fee to obtain any records is around $25 plus $1 as a convenience. You can directly visit the office of SLED or request records through the mail.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

The primary investigative agency of the country, FBI, has jurisdiction across all the states allowing it to store any sort of public records in its establishment. Any citizen can access arrest records by applying for the records at the branch offices of the FBI. It is easier to get information from the FBI since they have records covering all the states. You can visit the nearest office in the state and apply for obtaining arrest records. As in the case of SLED, you have to provide your identification details including fingerprints and a fee to access the arrest records.

Other Agencies and Authorities

Agencies and authorities like a department of public safety, Sheriff’s department, police stations, court, and other investigative and law enforcement agencies to provide access to arrest records. In some cases, the information is restricted and needs special approval.

Arrest Records in South Carolina


Getting information has been made easy by different authorities of South Carolina State since all the departments have their respective websites. You can easily access the arrest records from home by completing a few formalities and submitting your identification details. You can also request a hard copy if you need to study and research. You can also buy arrest records copy from vendors or visit third party sites to get arrest records. But it is safe and secure to access arrest records through official sites.

Finding your name in arrest records may affect your prospect of getting a job, loans, rentals, and other day-to-day essentials. Hence, you shouldn’t wait too long and get the help of a professional lawyer to get your name expunged from the records.
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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!