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 Crime of Passion Law Kansas

A homicide takes place when a person kills another. This might be legal or illegal. According to the Kansas Crime of Passion Law, there are seven categories of criminal homicide: capital murder, voluntary manslaughter(or Crime of Passion), assisting suicide, first-degree murder, second-degree murder, vehicular homicide, and involuntary manslaughter. Read the following article to understand more if you are wondering What Is Crime of Passion Law.

The Crime Of Passion Law Kansas

A crime of passion or manslaughter is something committed in the heat of the moment out of passion. This type of action takes place without any previous plans to commit it. Otherwise, it would be categorized as attempted murder. A common example of such a situation is when a spouse walks n to find out their spouse cheating on them. In such an instant, the spouse that found out about the affair may lose all sense of control overcome by emotion and murder the affair partner. This is called a crime of passion

Kansas Crime of Passion Law

Voluntary manslaughter has a solid reason behind it. This happens of a person fighting another person uses force to defend himself from a possible life-threatening attack and is doing so, ends up killing the other person. Remember that the action does not count as voluntary manslaughter under the Crime of Passion Law Kansas if the person had sufficient time to return to senses. If there was more time, the person should be able to compose themselves and know to control themselves.

Murder, on the other hand, is the act of killing another illegally, with previous planning and evil intentions. Malice or the intent to inflict damage on another person is the major difference between a crime of passion and murder.

Voluntary And Involuntary Manslaughter

According to the Crime of Passion Law in Kansas, the difference between involuntary and voluntary manslaughter lies in whether the homicide was committed unintentionally. Voluntary manslaughter is considered as the unintended killing when the offender did not have any previous idea about killing the victim.

Kansas state defines voluntary manslaughter by including instances when the offender unknowingly thought that the use of violence was allowed by law. According to the Crime of Passion Law, the following situations are included:

  1. Intentional killing of another person after a sudden fight or due to the heat of passion is prohibited.
  2. Killing based on an honest belief that the conditions involved justified the use of a deadly force.

Punishments And Penalties

According to the Crime of Passion Law of Kansas, Voluntary manslaughter is considered a personal felony of severity level 3.

Defenses Used In Voluntary Manslaughter

A defendant accused of the crime of passion may try to prove that they did not commit the crime. Otherwise, they may show that their actions were justified. They can also show that their actions do not meet the considerations of the crime of passion. The individual situations of every case will decide whether they have to use one of the following types of defenses.

Crime of Passion Law  Kansas

Actual Innocence

Under this consideration, the defendant presents an argument that they did not commit the crime. This is achieved by providing the right alibi or by disproving the opposite party’s evidence.

Perfect Self-Defense

Under this type of defense, the defendant can claim that the situation involved in the crime deserved an extreme act of self-defense. This means the defendant can mention that the situation demanded the use of deadly force to protect their life.


In case the defendant was recorded as an insane person during the killing, the court would not have the right to hold them accountable.

Accidental Killing

The defendant can prove this by demonstrating that it was an accident. In such cases, the charges imposed would be included according to the laws of involuntary manslaughter or the one where there is no bad intention involved.

If you want to know what What Does Crime of Passion Mean, you can check the above discussion. Keep the above points in mind when pursuing the crime of passion law in Kansas.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
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