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Alaska Gun Law: What are Gun Laws in the State of Alaska?

The laws in the state of Alaska do not restrict any person who is 21-year-old or above from legally holding a firearm or a gun. A gun can be carried in open or concealed. A person does not even need a permit to carry firearms. However, the state does impose certain restrictions on where a person can carry his/her firearm.

Many states in the United States have rules enabling people in the age group of 18-21 to carry permits for concealed firearms. Such permits are not rejected by the laws in Alaska. However, an individual under 21 years is not permitted to travel with a concealed handgun in the state.

The ACHP or Alaska Concealed Handgun Permit is available only for the residents of Alaska who can opt to procure a permit for concealed carry.

Alaska Gun Law Requirements

Meanwhile, the gun laws here are considered to be among the most liberal states in America. Check out the requirements for holding a firearm in the state of Alaska below:

  • Should be a minimum of 21-year-old
  • Should have resided in Alaska for over 90 days and a resident of the state
  • Has eligibility under the state and federal laws to own a firearm
  • Should not have been convicted of 2 or more misdemeanors of Class A in Alaska within six months just before making the application
  • Should not suffer from any kind of physical infirmity, which can prevent handling a handgun safely
  • Should have successfully completed an approved competency course for handguns within one year before the application
Alaska Gun Law

State and federal courts have been ruling in a consistent manner that such constitutional assurances do not restrict the states from regulating firearms in a reasonable manner. These include requirements for handgun registration, restricting concealed weapons, restricting specific types of weapons, prohibiting convicted people from having firearms and so on.

The state of Alaska prohibits minors below 16-year-old from owning any kind of firearm without their guardian’s or parent’s consent.

However, the good news is that Alaska does not require any kind of waiting period to buy a handgun or other type of firearm, Neither is there any requirement for registering the same. A person here does not require any permit for carrying concealed or open firearms though they can procure one. That could enable them to carry the gun legally to some other state sharing reciprocity with the state of Alaska.

Alaska Gun Law Restrictions

  • A person cannot carry a firearm in places like any school premises (unless they have procured the school’s/district’s chief administrative officer’s permission), a courthouse, sexual assault shelter, a domestic violence center, or a licensed facility for childcare. 
  • Patrons of bars cannot own any firearm. Plus, a person cannot carry a firearm in any restaurant selling alcohol unless he/she is not drinking. However, exceptions do exist for authorized workers and owners of establishments. It is not legal to have a firearm while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Alaska Gun Laws

Although there is no prescribed statute in the state restricting possessing firearms in the places mentioned below, there could be certain administrative regulations imposed. These places are as follows:

  • Hospitals
  • Parks
  • Places of worship
  • Polling places
  • Gambling facilities
  • Sports Arenas

Plus, some businesses in the state can restrict carrying firearms in an area outside a secure spot where visitors are usually screened.

Such laws in the state can even have criminal penalties attached to them. So, one should be aware of the relevant rights and responsibilities attached to carrying firearms in the state of Alaska and make sure to abide by them.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 30, 2021
Sensitive Information!