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Arizona Gun Law: What are Gun Laws in the State of Arizona?

Gun control laws in Arizona are quite liberal in America. While a permit for concealed carry of firearms is needed in a majority of other states in the United States of America that is not the case with Arizona. Being one of the free states in America, a person does not need to worry about too many laws, which are needed in several other American states.

Requirements for a permit in Arizona

To get a firearm permit in the state of Arizona, here are some of the requirements according to the laws:

  • A person should be at least 21-year-old and above
  • He/she should be a legal resident of the United States of America
  • Should not be convicted of a felony
  • Should be of sound mind or have any kind of mental illness
  • Must have completed an approved safety course in firearms

However, the law does not mention the kind of minimum requirements to be included in a safety course. Plus, there is no need to undergo a hands-on training on handling a gun. Many companies provide such training online.

Arizona Gun Law
How to avoid an Arizona gun background check?

Going through a background check can be avoided every time a person purchases a gun in case a person:

  • Uses a private transfer to buy the handgun
  • Show a permit for concealed carry

Thus, gun laws in Arizona are quite liberal and function at a state level. It was the 2nd state followed by the state of Alaska where laws related to “Constitutional Carry” were enacted. Both non-residents and residents can get permits for firearms in Arizona after passing a safety course on firearms.

Some of the laws related to firearms in the state of Arizona are mentioned below:

  • The fact is that the state of Arizona does not need an individual to register any firearm bought in the state. They need not identify any type of information from any resident of Arizona who transfers, sells, buys, or possesses a firearm.
  • However, a person can still land into trouble while carrying a gun in this state. Federal laws on the firearm are applicable in all American states. As such there are several situations and places where it is illegal to move with a firearm in the state of Arizona.
Arizona Gun Laws

Situations or circumstances where the use of firearms is illegal in Arizona

  • A person cannot carry a gun in an airport’s secured area
  • It is illegal for an individual to carry a firearm while being in a public establishment or while attending a public event when the event sponsor or operator has told the said individual to store the firearm in secure storage before entering
  • A person may be prohibited to enter into any polling station while carrying his/her firearm
  • In case any retail store has expressed a prohibition to carry a firearm, a person may be restricted to enter with their weapon.
  • A person is restricted from carrying a deadly firearm or weapon on school premises.
  • Although it may be legal to carry a gun into any business, which sells liquor or alcohol on it premises, it is considered to be illegal when an individual carries their firearm into those establishments for consuming liquor while armed with the weapons.
  • Other prohibitions applicable in Arizona include carrying guns into prisons, military bases, and federal buildings.

As is obvious, a person may face legal problems when they carry any firearm like a gun into a location where it should not be carried in Arizona.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 22, 2021
Sensitive Information!