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BeenVerified Guide and BeenVerified Reviews Summed Up 

Many of us are well familiar with background checks performed by employers in the US. These checks are intended to help employers find out if the people they interviewed were honest on their resumes if they told the truth about their previous job experience, and if they were honest about their education. These days, background checks are no longer limited to employers only; thanks to BeenVerified, you too can perform a check on people you know. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the website and the services it provides, it is time to get to know BeenVerified with a BeenVerified background check review.

What is a Background Check? How Good is Been Verified Background Check?

Before we dive-in into any BeenVerified background check reviews, it is important to know what is a background check. Like stated above, employers who run background checks do so to find out if prospective employers gave them accurate resumes.

There is another type of background check that is available to you, and it can provide you with accurate data about people from your past and present. Such checks can provide you with information about people that you cannot find in social media or other online resources. The data in BeenVerified's checks include, but is not limited to, the following details:

  • Contact information
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Social media data
  • Criminal records
  • Arrest records
  • Mugshots
  • Marriage records
  • Divorce records

How is the BeenVerified Background Check Performed?

To find reliable information about people, you need a reliable source of data. In the US these sources are called "public records," and they can be accessed with online directories. So, when you use BeenVerified, you are essentially tapping into public records relating to the person you are searching. Public records contain the information listed above, and you can view them with BeenVerified. To get a full background check on the website, you can use one of the following BeenVerified directories:

  • Name search – enter the name of the person you are searching (first name, last name, city, and state).
  • Phone lookup – enter the phone number of the person you are searching.
  • Address lookup – enter the physical address of the person you are searching.
  • Email lookup – enter the email address of the person you are searching.

Once you provide one of these details to BeenVerified, the people search on the site will begin. The advanced search directory on the website will begin to scan public records of the person you are searching. At the end of the search, you will be able to discover everything you need to know about the person in question.

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Why Use BeenVerified?

Aside from BeenVerified's membership plans, you can also perform a public records search on your own, or use a free background check website. When you perform an independent search, you are required to contact all the authorities that maintain public records in the state/county where the search is performed. Once you find out which authorities you need to contact, you can ask for copies of the records you are searching. You will also need to pay a fee for each copy you asked for based on the fees in the authority in question. Once the request is made and the fees are paid, you will be able to get copies of the files you requested. In most cases, you will get the copies you requested in several days, and in some cases, you will get the copies in up to 4 weeks.

When using a free background check service, you will get the answers quicker than the method mentioned above. However, you are not guaranteed to get all the answers you are searching; when using a free service, you will not have access to all the public records in the state or country of search. Why? Because free background check websites do not have access to all the public records in the country. The lack of access stems from free websites not charging their users for membership fees. As a result, you will get short and incomplete reports on the people you are searching for. Also, free sites do not have a customer support service or a protection system to secure user data.

Unlike there two methods, with BeenVerified you can be sure you will get all the answers you are searching quickly. The website has full access to public records, so the reports you will get when using BeenVerified will be complete and comprehensive. Also, BeenVerified operates a toll-free customer support service you can call with any questions you may have. So, if you want to be certain you are getting a full background check on people, use BeenVerified.

Is BeenVerified Free?

One of the most common questions about the website is BeenVerified free? The answers is no – BeenVerified is not free. The website offers two membership plans that users can choose between; the first is a one-month plan, and the other is a three-month plan. You can get updated about the current membership prices in the link HERE. Both plans offer unlimited reports, so you can perform as many background checks as you want.

Sometimes, BeenVerified comes out with special prices, so you can buy a membership for a lower price than usual. Those who want to perform a single background check with BeenVerified must subscribe for a membership. Then, they will be able to perform a single check and to stop payments, they are required to contact the site's customer support service.  

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BeenVerified Background Check Review

Now that you know what a background check is, it's time to find out how good is the directory operated by BeenVerified. The website, which is ten years old, serves millions of users from all over the country. Luckily, the users are satisfied with all the important of parameters on BeenVerified. The search results on the website are provided quickly, the searches are accurate, the customer support service is helpful, and the services keep improving with each passing year. Been Verified reviews written by the website's users are favorable for the great majority, and users attest that they used the website's more than once after trying it out. So, if you were wondering about Been Verified reviews, they are mostly good.

The unique website collects data from millions of records to provide users with accurate background checks and people search services. Also, the website is secure and provides high-level security services for all its users. The New York-based company also offers affordable services to help people gain access to valuable information online. The anonymous searches on BeenVerified guarantee that searches remain private and that user data is not hacked.

Performing a background check is no longer available to employers only. With BeenVerified's advanced services, you can perform a background check on any person you want, and find valuable information at just a keyboard click away.

Been Verified Reviews
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Been Verified Reviews by Users

Most Been Verified reviews are positive, and the overall score of the app is 4 stars in review websites. These are some Been Verified reviews by users that will help you discover if the service is truly effective and useful (courtesy of

"ran a background check and found out plenty of historical criminal data on my search target that I did not know about and that Google and me was unable to find. The 5-day plan for $1 is a good deal. The 12 minute and one-dollar investment was a great value to me and I will do it again if the situation arises."

"I bought a monthly subscription for this service for my job. I work in a local homeless shelter and it has helped me track down some of my clients' family members, research properties and assist my clients in understanding the need for honesty when I am assisting them. I even used this for my own personal use in researching a home that I was renting, and one that I was looking at purchasing. I was impressed by the information I could find on this. I kept this service for about 7 months when I decided to cancel it, because I had a job change."

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on September 21, 2019
Sensitive Information!