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Colorado Gun Law: What are Gun Laws in the State of Colorado? 

Those who live in the state of Colorado and who want to acquire a gun must first know the gun laws of the state before applying for it. Therefore, let us find out more on these laws.

"Shall-Issue" State
Colorado occupies a special position as far as gun laws and more particularly, the concealed carry clause is concerned. The specialty is that the state is a "shall-issue" state. It is the Sheriff of the county who issues permits for possession of guns. The validity period of these permits is five years. 

How do applicants get gun permits in Colorado?

Those who apply for the permits have to demonstrate their competence for handling a handgun. They should either pass a training class or by using some other means. 

According to The Concealed Carry Act, a person is allowed a permit for carrying a concealed weapon throughout the state. Of course, there are exceptions to this clause which means a concealed weapon cannot be carried in certain federal properties. Similarly, it cannot be carried in K-12 schools as well. Likewise, even in buildings such as courthouses, that have security checkpoints, concealed weapons cannot be carried. The local government is not allowed to enforce a resolution or an ordinance that is conflicting with this law.

Colorado Gun Law
The Colorado Supreme Court, in March 2012, struck down the gun ban imposed by University of Colorado within their campus because according to the court, the ban violated the Concealed Carry Act, that allows those who hold permits to carry guns on public properties that include public colleges.

Open carry in in Colorado

Open carry is in general permit for which no license is required. Similarly, possessing a handgun and displaying it openly or concealing the gun in an automobile is also permitted without the need for a license. However, local governments have some limited powers to prohibit open carry only in certain specific areas that come under the municipality's direct jurisdiction. Examples of such areas are police stations, municipal buildings, and so on. But If the local governments come out with such prohibitory ordinance, they have to post all such locations as per C.R.S 29-11.7-104. 

City and County of Denver

The city, as well as the county of Denver, is an exception to this law because there is a broad ban for open-carry in all the areas of the city as well as the county. The Supreme Court of Colorado has also given a ruling to the effect that the pre-existing ban of Denver will continue to remain in force.

This is despite the statewide pre-emption law enacted by the legislature of Colorado with an aim to have a uniform firearm policy throughout the state. According to this pre-existing ban of Denver, when a shotgun or a rifle is transported by a vehicle, around may not be there in the chamber. However, the ordinance of Denver city comes with a ban on assault weapons as well as open-carry of firearms.

Colorado Gun Laws

History of the Gun Law of Colorado
As far as the history of the Gun Law of Colorado is concerned, not much is known.

Other laws related to Colorado Gun Law:

As far as some of the other laws related to Colorado Gun Law are concerned, there are a few procedures that have to be followed. Let us find out:

  1. Background checks are required for all the firearm sales that take place in the state. This has come into effect from 1st July 2013. Buyers should bear the expenses related to these background checks. 
  2. Sales or transfers of magazines that have the capability to accept over 15 rounds or that have been so designed to be converted to accept over 15 rounds are prohibited within the state limits. However, those magazines that have been lawfully obtained before 1st July 2013 are allowed to be kept, and there are no restrictions for their use. This restriction of magazines does not however specifically address those residents who purchase LCMs for their personal use from sources outside the state. But even they should not possess these magazines within the limits of the state. 

Ironically, the state's ban of magazines of large capacity does not speak about non-residents who visit the state and who possess the magazines that come under the purview of the criteria of the LCM ban of the state. Of course, this also comes with a few conditions. The LCMS should only be for personal use. Further, the individuals who possess them should have obtained them lawfully as per the laws of their home state.

To summarize, those Colorado residents who want to obtain permits for possession of guns should demonstrate their competence for handling a handgun. They must pass a training class. Alternatively, they should use some other permissible means for demonstrating their competence. Only then, they can get their permits from the Sheriff of the county.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 19, 2021
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