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How to Obtain a Free Background Check in the State of Massachusetts?

A background check for any individual may involve investigation and verification of identity, financial records, education and health records, criminal records and or employment history. In the State of Massachusetts, like any other State of the US, background checks of another individual by access to original records or their certified copies are only possible upon the consent of the individual under scrutiny or very specific rules of eligibility. The custodian and issuer of Criminal Background Checks are the Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS). Unofficial background verifications of individuals are not legally permissible, hence it is always advised to pay the prescribed fees and procure official records from DCJIS.

1. While verification of select information of identity, education, health, employment, and vital records may be possible for immediate family members or those with reasonable cause for access as prescribed by law, access to financial records, driving history and criminal records are only made available upon written authorization by the individual under scrutiny or strict rules prescribed by Law.

Massachusetts Free Background Check

2. Generally, potential employers, partners, vendors, landlords, insurance companies, etc, ask the applicant to furnish submissions towards their background verification, out of their own volition. Hence, the simplest way to obtain a background check is to ask the individual being evaluated, to pay the necessary fees to govern departments from his/her own pocket and provide the evaluator with the documents without any cost incidence. The State of Massachusetts does not permit potential employers to inquire about the criminal record of an applicant unless the employer has conducted the first interview. Even then, the applicant is expected to submit his/her record as per protocol. IF the applicant still appears suspicious, the employer is advised to approach Law Enforcement Agencies with probable cause.

3. Presently, a background check of any individual from the State of Massachusetts may be procured from the official website of Massachusetts Government for $25 and a letter of authorization from the individual named in the record.

Steps of getting a free background check in Massachusetts

The other so-called way of obtaining a free background verification of another person is actually a hectic task of research-based validation of their profile by collating freely available information from various sources and saving on the aforesaid fees of $25. A quick summary of the said validation is given below:

1. The best place to start is the court record search of each County. The Court System of the State of Massachusetts provides online access to most court records for its 14 counties. It helps the researcher ascertain whether the individual under scrutiny has been subject to court proceedings or summons and whether his/her record of criminal, civil or traffic offenses exist. Thereafter, the researcher may pursue access to full records in accordance with the information provided on the online portal.

Free Background Check Massachusetts

2. Another valuable source of information is the online database of crash reports as provided by the official website of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. Although the complete record of driving history is only available for a price of $20 to the License Holder, incidental information of the vehicle involved in the accident along with brief information on past or present scrutiny or action by authorities may be available for public view for free. It is quite possible that the vehicle may have changed ownership; hence the researcher must be aware of the tenure of ownership of a vehicle by the individual under scrutiny.

3. The researcher may also search records of the Department of Corrections of the State as well as the Sex Offenders registry of the State. The advantage of this search is that the freely available information on inmates includes the identification details and photograph of the person in question while the sex offender’s registry can validate the area of residence of the individual along with the recorded legal name.

Compiling all the aforesaid information together, one can fairly say that a competent profile of an individual can be created and the same can be used to initiate a background check and validate submissions of the individual without incurring any cost.

It is still advised that the verifier spend $25 and get an official copy of the background check as it always helps in seeking legal recourse later on.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!