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Ohio gun laws: What are the gun laws in the state of Ohio?

The state of Ohio acknowledges the right to possess and bear arms. There are relatively fewer restrictions concerning gun laws in Ohio, and it mostly relates to the carrying and transportation of guns. There is no requirement for a state permit or license to purchase a handgun, rifle or shotgun. It is against the law to sell a pistol to a person who is 20 years old or younger
Carrying in vehicles
Anyone can carry a loaded handgun in their cars with a permit in the state of Ohio. A concealed handgun, however, doesn't need to be hidden and not displayed in an unlocked glovebox or console. Residents need a permit to carry their concealed weapons in their vehicle.
Open carry in Ohio
The state of Ohio permits open carry and residents can carry their firearms everywhere except places and areas that are listed in the off-limits section. Some of the local governments can place limited restrictions on open carry laws in some locations. No person is allowed to carry a pistol concealed in any vehicle, without a license to carry. The county sheriff is the issuing authority for a permit to carry, where the applicant resides.

Ohio Gun Law
Notifying a police officer
The gun laws in Ohio state that you are required to inform or inform a law enforcement officer of the firearm you are carrying when you are approached while on official business. You need to carry your permit in case you have a concealed handgun in your possession.
Constitutional carry in Ohio
The Ohio gun laws don’t permit constitutional carry.

Carry in restaurants
In Ohio, residents are prohibited from carrying firearms into an establishment whose primary business is to serve alcohol. Restaurants, in general, allow you to carry firearms into restaurants as long as it's not at the bar area and also if the restaurant does not have a “no weapons” sign.

Is the “no weapons” sign enforced in Ohio?
Yes, these signs are enforced under the gun laws in Ohio, and if anyone disregards this sign when they enter private property or business, they are subjected to legal penalties. It is advisable to avoid entering properties or establishments that display this sign and are considered off limit by the law. If a person refuses to leave the premises while carrying in such venues, that person is breaking the law and is at risk of being charged.

Ohio Gun Laws

Concealed handgun permit in Ohio

With regard to the state’s gun laws, it is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to sell, give away, or transfer, or to purchase or receive, any pistol without either a Pistol Purchase Permit or a Ohio concealed handgun permit held by a resident of the State at the time of the purchase.

Dangerous ordnance in Ohio

It is against the law to knowingly acquire, carry, or use any dangerous ammunition, such as automatic firearms, short barreled rifles, and shotguns. There are a few exceptions, which are:
- Owners of dangerous ordnance who are registered under the National Firearms Act;
- Authorized state and federal officers, agents, and employees, members of the armed forces or organized militia, and law enforcement officers when acting within the scope of their duties;
- Licensed importers, manufacturers, and dealers.

Places that are off-limits and against the law to carry concealed weapons in Ohio

Police stations, sheriff’s office, state highway patrol premises, airports secure areas, correctional institutes and other institutions that are governed and maintained by the government.
Schools, elementary and secondary institutions
Courthouse, or any building or venue that houses a courtroom.
Any house of worship, such as a church, synagogue, mosque, temple, and so on.
Any other place or area prohibited by the federal law.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 21, 2019
Sensitive Information!