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Oklahoma gun laws: what are the gun laws in Oklahoma?
Oklahoma is a state that allows open carry and adults are permitted to do so without licenses. Oklahoma’s policies don’t permit everyone to have a gun, or that you may always carry a gun wherever you like. Although the Second Amendment allows citizens to keep and bear arms, federal firearms statutes also regulate gun ownership, generally by restricting the kinds of guns a person may legally own, like sawed-off shotguns.

The state does not impose a waiting period for prospective gun buyers, but they must be of the legal age to purchase, and can’t have a felony conviction on their record. The gun laws in Oklahoma permit concealed carry permits to be issued to residents and military personnel. Grants are not available for non-residents. The resident must be 21 years old or older and completed a firearms course as well as meet other criteria to apply. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation issues concealed carry licenses.

Open Carry in Oklahoma
You are not required to possess a permit when openly carrying a rifle, shotgun, or pistol for specific “legitimate purposes” not in violation of the Oklahoma Firearms Act of 1971. Legitimate purposes include, but are not limited to:
- Hunting animals or fowl
- Competition or practice for recognized sporting events or performances for entertainment purposes
- Participation in local, county, state police activity or in a federal military activity area
- Transporting an unloaded gun between a person’s private residence and a place that is designated for repairs, sale, hunting animals, a hunting safety course, or other recognized firearms activity or event.
- Educational or recreational activities or exhibitions.

Oklahoma Gun Law

Carrying in vehicles
Anyone can carry a loaded handgun in their cars with a permit in the state of Ohio. A concealed handgun, however, doesn't need to be hidden and not displayed in an unlocked glovebox or console. Residents need a permit to carry their concealed weapons in their vehicle.

Notifying a police officer
The gun laws in Oklahoma state that you are required to inform or inform a law enforcement officer of the firearm you are carrying when you are approached while on official business. You need to carry your permit in case you have a concealed handgun in your possession.
Constitutional carry in Oklahoma
The Oklahoma gun laws don’t permit constitutional carry.

Carry in restaurants
In Oklahoma, residents are prohibited from carrying firearms into an establishment whose primary business is to serve alcohol. Restaurants, in general, allow you to carry firearms into restaurants as long as it's not at the bar area and also if the restaurant does not have a “no weapons” sign.

Oklahoma Gun Laws

Is the “no weapons” sign enforced in Oklahoma?
Yes, these signs are enforced under the gun laws in Oklahoma, and if anyone disregards this sign when they enter private property or business, they are subjected to legal penalties. It is advisable to avoid entering properties or establishments that display this sign and are considered off limit by the law. If a person refuses to leave the premises while carrying in such venues, that person is breaking the law and is at risk of being charged.

Laws regarding Machine Guns in Oklahoma
It is illegal to possess, sell, or buy a machine gun, except in compliance with all federal laws and regulations. 

Against the law to point a loaded firearm at a non-threatening person
Residents are not allowed to aim, except as an act of self-defense, it is unlawful to point any firearm, whether loaded or not, at any other person.          

Unlawful firing in Oklahoma
It is considered a felony to fire a firearm at or into a residence, a public or a commercial building.

It is prohibited to shoot across a highway or public road
No person is permitted to shoot at wildlife from or across a public road or highway, or railroad right of way.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!