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Level 2 Background Check Explained

A business can be deeply impacted by even single bad recruitment. According to an estimate, occupational fraud contributes to about 5 percent of the annual revenue of an organization and more than 60 percent in all job applications. Thus, there is no denying the importance of an in-depth background check in today’s prevailing scenario.

Today, background checks are an important pre-employment step taken by 96 percent of the employers. The aim of background screening by an employer is based on its objective to ensure that there is a safe workplace comprising the most suitable individuals. It is imperative for an employer to entirely adhere to laws for background screening. Such laws can be different for different jurisdictions which are conducting background checks. Noncompliance of following these results may lead to strict financial penalties, as well as, lawsuits.

What is a Level 2 Background Check

In Florida, Level 1, as well as, Level 2 background investigations are terms used for conveying the record check of criminal history and the extent to which the employment data was checked. It should be noted that these two terms related to Background Checks are only relevant and permissible in the state of Florida. These terms have no meaning for other states or the FBI.

In general, Level 2 refers to a national and state fingerprint-based check, as well as contemplating disqualifying offenses. It is applicable to all those employees as required by the law and holds positions of trust or responsibility. Florida’s Section 435.04 mandates that employers should conduct Level 2 background checks on their employees.

Level 2 Background Check-a Closer Look

According to Florida statutes, a Level 2 Background Investigation mandates the magnitude of record searches that can be conducted by employers in the state as one of the steps of the pre-employment screening. Usually, Level 2 Background Investigations cover county criminal records, criminal history records of the nation, and finger-print based information.

An employer who conducts the Level 2 checks adhere to the regulations of and coordinates with the Department of Law Enforcement of Florida, law enforcement agencies, local courts, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to procure the records. Such employers are allowed to approach eligible vendors of pre-employment screening for conducting electronic fingerprinting, as well as, to maintain the security and integrity of all information collected.

Level 2 Background investigations in Florida are essential for all such job positions, which deal with the trust or responsibility at various responsibility levels. The check may also be performed on those employees who have to work with vulnerable groups such as children or elderly people.

Level 2 Background Check

What Happens When the Check Reveals Disqualifying Offenses?

In case the background investigation exposes certain disqualifying offenses like incest, murder, kidnapping, sexual felonies, assault, manslaughter among others, the applicant being screened will be deemed to be unsuitable for the job.

We have already mentioned that the state of Florida is the only place in the United States where there is a provision of the Level 2 Background investigation. As such, only employees of this state can be subjected to the pre-screening technique.

However, apart from conducting this check, employers in Florida should be also aware of how to interpret background reports. It allows organizations to infer reasonable grounds for not hiring an applicant and not being alleged for discriminating in their hiring process.

What makes it even more interesting is that the check can search both national and state criminal history databases for information such as warrants and arrests. On the other hand, these databases do not have the ability to search for certain offenses within the record of an individual. To conclude, we can say that as compared to Level 1, Level 2 background checks are more comprehensive in nature.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on September 20, 2019
Sensitive Information!