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Police Background Check Explained
How Background Check with Police Works

Planning to take up a career in state or local police department then be prepared to be investigated into each your past too. In other words, all aspects of your life i.e, from past to present day is scrutinized in detail.

You need to go through a series of test and interview before you finally make it serve as a public servant. Firstly, you need to provide your details by filling up an application form, then clear a written examination.

Next, you need to clear a physical fitness test and finally face interview in person. And not to forget the most important aspect of background verification. A background check is carried out to authenticate your honesty and dedication towards protecting your nation and the people.

Police Background Check

What Are the Basics of Background Check?

Background Checks have become an essential part of every job industry. But the toughest of all is your background being investigated for law enforcement job wherein all your personal details will be retrieved and inspected. The law enforcement officials follow basic guidelines while scrutinizing candidates background checks:

1. The officials are likely to obtain records belonging to university and school. In some cases, they will try to extract information about your behavior on the campus from teachers, instructors, and your batchmates.

2. Sometimes the law enforcement officials interview family members and friends by visiting their home base to verify the details provided by the applicants during the tests. They will probably assess your social media networks also.

3. The candidates are required to undergo through the process of scanned fingerprints and drug test. The candidate needs to come clean in terms of using drugs like cocaine, heroin, ganja, etc. The candidate's application is rejected instantly in case he accepts of intake of drugs in any case.

What is a Police Background Check

Law enforcement isn’t looking for a perfect candidate. But believes the candidates to be honest towards their job. Each and every candidate has to go through this procedure. The detailed investigation regarding the applicant's background is an important aspect of the selection procedure. Therefore, an honest candidate will definitely clear the background check without any struggle.

Important Aspects of Police Background Check Report:

A federal background verification report consists of personal information, community or social connections and professional details.

Personal Information includes:
  • Full name
  • Birthdate
  • Residence address (present and past)
  • Contact numbers
Background Check

Community Networks includes:
  • Marriage and divorce records
  • Details of close relatives
  • Business and social connections
  • Neighbors
  • Social media profiles
  • Blogs
  • Photos
Professional Details includes
  • Education records
  • Employment history
  • Property records, licenses, deeds, permits
  • Criminal record
  • Driving record
  • Lawsuits

However, a background check report does not include some vital information such as Social Security number, medical history, financial history, call details, and test scores, etc.

Background Check

What to Expect From Background Check Services?

The most reliable background check report includes a candidate's details like household, occupation, education, criminal records, etc. The agencies dealing in such investigations need to scrutinize even the minute details of the candidate. There are many websites which claim to provide fast and accurate details of the particular candidate.

The background check need not be limited to federal department alone. But you can undertake a background check on any person for any purpose. Background check report will be helpful in case you are hiring a candidate for a company or renting your house for a tenant or, business partner. Thus, a background check helps in assessing an individual's personality in detail.

Intelius is referred to be one of the best investigation agencies for background verification across the globe. The reports consist of employment history, email id, criminal records and residential address of the candidate. The reports are believed to be up to date and accurate according to many organizations.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 22, 2020
Sensitive Information!