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What is the Law on Breach of Peace Law in Wyoming and What are the Punishments for it?

Breach of Peace is a serious crime in Wyoming. It occurs when the peaceful atmosphere of Wyoming is disturbed. Such disturbance can take place in any public place such as a restaurant, bar, school, etc.

Now, let us understand the meaning of Breach of Peace in the Wyoming state of USA.

According to the state of Wyoming in the USA, below are considered to be “breach of peace”:

- When a person disturbs the peace in a locality or the residents.

- Further, he is making loud disturbing noises. This could be in the form of yelling, shouting, singing or any other way.

- He is using foul language and performing wild actions, which can be harmful to others around.

All of the above are considered to be a breach of peace in Wyoming.
Now, let us understand what consequences a person can face for “Breach of Peace” in Wyoming.

What is the punishment for breach of peace in Wyoming?
Breach of peace punishment can lead to jail for a maximum period of 6 months and a fine of a maximum of 750 USD or either one of them. The judge will decide the punishment to be given to the criminal.

Wyoming Breach of Peace Law

Disturbing Peace Through Telephone Calls

Disturbing the peaceful atmosphere by making weird and strange phone calls is also considered “Breach of Peace”, in the Wyoming State of USA. In other words, disturbance of peace is not just caused by physical presence. The person can disturb peace also by making disturbing phone calls to the opposite party. This can disrupt his peace. Below are the details for disturbing the peace by making phone calls:

- If a person disturbs the peace of the environment by making disturbing phone calls, he can be punished for the crime in Wyoming. Such crime can lead to a fine of USD 1000 and/ or jail of maximum period of one year. In such a case, he may make anonymous phone calls, using a fictitious name, use obscene language, vulgar language, or suggests a violent action with the objective to scare, harass, offend or threaten the opposite party.

- He disturbs the peaceful atmosphere by making repeated anonymous phone calls and intrudes the privacy of the people to whom he is making phone calls.

- He makes a phone call and threatens to cause injury or physical harm to the opposite person or to the property owned by that person.

- Such a crime is considered to have taken place at the location from which such phone calls were made.

Breach of Peace Law WyomingNuisance

Nuisance is an important component of breach of peace in Wyoming. If a person owns, maintains or leases a property, vehicle or structure for assignation, gambling, prostitution or own, sell or dispose of intoxication liquor or any such controlled substance which is against the law, is considered guilty of a nuisance. In short, he causes nuisance and thereby “Breach of Peace” in Wyoming, USA.

Penalties for Violations of Article

A person who violates the clause discussed in Wyoming 6-6-301 through 6-6-307 is found guilty of misdemeanor/crime. If the person is convicted for such a crime, then he can be punished by a fine of a maximum of 750 USD and jailed for a maximum 60 days.

Identification may be required; barring entry from facilities when presence unlawful or prohibited.

Such a person may require carrying his identification card at all times and may not be allowed to enter all premises, especially where criminals are prohibited.

Thus, Breach of Peace in Wyoming, USA can disturb the peace of the criminal involved in such an act.


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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 6, 2022
Sensitive Information!