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May 2019

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What is an Air Fryer and should you get one?

Everyone loves fried food and baked food. But we all know that the oil and fat used to prepare these tasty dishes are not so good for our health. Eating excess of fried and fatty food is definitely not recommended, as it is not good for health. The Air Fryer is a good option for those who love fried food but are scared of what the oil and fat would do to their health.

What is it?

An Air Fryer is essentially a mini-convention oven. It creates superheated air which flows through the cooking part of the device and allows the dry heat to enter the food from outside to inside creating the crispy texture that is obtained by deep frying.

Why is it popular?

It is popular because it is a healthy cooking appliance. You can eat the best of fried food, without any fat and oil. It is popular because it allows you to cook without oil and create tasty dishes. You can cook anything, without a single drop of oil. But to make it tastier, you can brush the food items with a little oil. This is of course optional. When you cook using a microwave oven, there are fears about the effect of the waves, but an air fryer is absolutely safe as it uses just hot air.

Best Air Fryers

What can you cook?

You can cook just about anything. All that you can cook using an oven or a pan with oil can be cooked using an air fryer. Chicken nuggets, Fried potato wedges, homemade doughnuts, you can cook anything using an air fryer. You can cook vegetables to give it a grilled taste.

You can roast nuts using the air fryer and roasting without oil, makes it a very healthy evening snack.

You can also cook frozen food easily in an air fryer. For example, frozen French fries can be air fried within 12 minutes to get a great crispy taste.

What can’t you cook?

You cannot make anything has liquid in it. Like for example, coating meat with a liquid batter and then trying to air fry is not possible. The hot air would make the batter splatter everywhere leading to a mess. You can however deep freeze it and then fry.

Air Fryers

How much does it cost?

There are many air fryer brands available in the market. It is available in different sizes. It can cost anywhere from $75 to $400, depending on the brand, model and features. The air fryer does take up space on the kitchen counter. It runs on electricity.

Does it taste the same as fried food?

The texture of the air-fried dishes is similar to that deep fried in oil. The taste is also similar. Of course, it is impossible to replicate the exact taste of a dish deep-fried in oil, using just air. But, there is no doubt that the dishes that are air-fried are tasty.

Should you buy it?

If you are concerned about your health and worried about the amount of oily and fatty food you and your family are eating, then the air fryer is a must buy. You can fry a variety of tasty dishes without using a single drop of oil, or just brushing the food with a little oil. This is definitely good for health as there is no oil. It is an investment for your health.

If you love snacks and fried food, there are plenty of things you can do using the air fryer. This is a very handy cooking appliance, which you can use to make healthy fried snacks using hot air. 

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