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Need an Anonymous Proxy Server? We List the Best Ones!

by Peggy B.

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Best Free Anonymous Proxy Servers to Use

A common technique used primarily by hackers to access the internet anonymously is through the means of Proxy Servers. It is a simple technique yet used in unimaginable ways to hide the user’s identity.

A proxy server that facilitates anonymity is also known as the CGI server. It is one such server that functions through the means of the web form. This is done so that the requests that are being made from the internet go through the layer of filter first fundamentally making the user’s identity anonymous.

Contrary to the common belief that setting up an anonymous proxy server is a tedious task, it is quite easy. The proxy server of a web browser is usually configured by either SOCKS or HTTP proxies, but for anonymous proxies as opposed to configuring web address to those proxies, the internet is accessed just as one would normally, but you do that from an alternative website.

An anonymous proxy is designed in a manner that it potentially increases you identity security by protecting the IP address that is dispensed by your intermediary, i.e., service provider. It works in a manner that your internet works by hopping different public addresses and servers but yours. This usually works against the blocks on contents that some countries have imposed like a torrent.

Proxy Server
When you are jumping proxy servers, the website that is blocked thinks that the country that has not banned it is accessing it, so it works otherwise if it is tried to be accessed from your home server, then it will remain blocked. Like if there is a website that works only in Japan, then the proxy server of Japan can be used to access that website.

Here are five best free anonymous proxy servers that can be used;

1. When you go to proxy, you have to enter the URL that you wish to visit through an anonymous proxy. Once you do that then in a drop down box you have the option to choose a location where you would like to bounce off your proxy server. The countries of choice are The US, Netherlands, and Germany.

The most prominent distinction between and other proxy websites is that in this, you have the option of choosing your proxy server manually and you can bounce it off from 7 different countries like Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, UK, and the USA. The only drawback is the big ad that is displayed on the top of the screen about the VPN server.

Anonymous Proxy Servers

3. VPNBook-
This proxy server is slightly more organized and cleaner than several other proxy servers. It supports the use of 256-bit encryption and HTTP to secure your traffic. You have a choice to make use of proxy servers in Canada, the UK, and the USA. Switching proxies is easy with this.

This web proxy can be used on almost any website including YouTube. There is an option to choose a proxy server anywhere in Europe and the USA. On the website, once the URL is entered there pops up several proxy servers to redirect you to the website on the anonymous proxy. You can regulate the use of ad block, cookies, etc. on this proxy server.

5. Hidester –
This proxy server provides you with the SSL support of proxy which is beneficial to your computer since it protects it from any external malicious methods and scripts. It is known to be the most reliable free proxy website to exist and the most trustworthy. You can even modify your browser refer with Hidester as it gives the impression to the website that a different OS is being used.


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