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May 2019

These are the Very Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products: Discounts Included!

How do Anti-aging skin care products work

As time passes and we start to grow old, our age starts reflecting on our skin. This is when most of us start taking recourse to anti-aging skin care products. There are several factors other than age that affect our skin and more so when we’re aging like;

  • Constant skin exposure to the sun
  • Poor lifestyle leading to sagging skin
  • Wrinkles and lacerations

To avoid all these consequences of aging and lifestyle choices, there is a range of anti-aging skin care products available in the market. There are different creams that make promises of different effect on the skin like some promise to remove wrinkles and sagging skin other promises to remove dark circles and shadows under the eyes. But the real question is, how do these anti-aging skin care products work?

It cannot be said that all of these products work wonders, but for a lot of good products, the key lies in their components. The products that are effective and have practical implication have effective components that make the skin look younger.

Anti Aging Skin Care Products

There are anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams that have specific components in them that help in reducing wrinkle and making the skin look younger like;

o Retinol; which is a compound of Vitamin A and is used in all kinds of non-prescriptive anti-wrinkle creams.

o Peptides; it is an element that is used for healing wounds and stretch marks and is lately being used for wrinkles.

o Vitamin C; a strong antioxidant like Retinol that helps in protecting the skin from the sun.

o Coenzyme Q10; this element helps in reducing wrinkles around and about the eyes and also provides shelter from sun damage.

o Tea extracts; the compounds generating from green and black tea have anti-inflammatory elements in them that help in removing bags from under the eyes and giving a fresher and younger look to the face.

o Grape seed extract; the extracts from seeds of grapes have properties of anti-inflammation and anti-oxidants which help in curating wounds and giving a fresher looking skin.

Anti Aging Products

o Hydroxy acids; this is an exfoliant. It helps in removing the dead skin that sits on the top of the epidermis and brings out the new and fresh skin that is buried underneath.

o Niacinamide; this is a strong antioxidant again. It contains Vitamin B3 substances which help in retaining water in the skin and improves its elasticity.

These are the components that make an anti-aging skin care product work. But still what is more important is to know which skin care product to use. Here are a few suggestions on the kind of skin care product one must use;

1. Less concentrated creams - Creams that have more concentration of ingredients in them are usually less effective and last for a shorter period. Thus creams that have less concentration must be used.

2. Ingredients - It is not necessary for a cream to have all the ingredients that have been mentioned in the section above. There may be times when a good cream will have only a few of those ingredients.

3. Usage- It becomes important to use anti-aging skin care products at regular intervals. This is because there is a high possibility of the skin retaining its original form if and when the use of the cream is stopped.

4. Side-effects - Be very aware of side effects as they are not uncommon with anti-aging creams. If you are experiencing burning sensations, rashes or redness in the skin then stop using the product immediately. It is not necessary that the product will suit your skin.

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