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Best Background Check: Why GoLookUp is the Best Background Check Website Online!

by Jessica V.

Best Background Check, Best Background Checks

Best Background Check Website

Ever since people discovered they can perform background checks, many websites that provide this kind of service started offering their services. Like any other service, background check differs from one website to another, and the only way to get the information you need is to use a professional public records site, also known as a background check service.

If you are in need of background check on people you know, and you are not sure where to begin, this review if for you, to understand exactly what is the best background check website and service.

Why Should You Run a Background Check, and Why it's Important to Pick the Best Background Check Service!

As the name suggests, background check helps you dig deep into people’s past, and find out things you can never know by simply talking to them. If you ever used a social media site, you know that many people provide false information about themselves, there, people can be a very unreliable source for information about themselves!

This is where background checks can help you get to the bottom of the truth, and find out if someone is hiding their past from you. Advanced checks rely on public records that are written by official authorities in the US. That way, you can find details about people you are involved with on a personal or a professional level.

The valuable information can help keep you and the people close to you safe from those that mean to cause you harm, such as the following cases: 

1. Dating – when you meet a new potential love interest, whether it is online or in person, running a background check on them can help you a great deal. When it comes to online dating, many people provide false information about themselves. When you run a background check on your date, you can find out if they lied about their age, education, employment, marital status, and most importantly, their criminal past. You can do the same with people you meet in person and do not know whether or not they are telling the truth about their past.

2. Neighborhood safety - when you move to a new home or have new neighbors move in next to you, you can run a background check on them. That way you can find out if they have a criminal history, if they are registered sex offenders, or have anything else to hide. This will help you know exactly who your neighbors are, and decide what kind of relationship, if any, you want to have with the people living next to you.

3. Family safety – any parent wants to make sure their child is safe when they are away from them. The duty of protecting children can be difficult, but it is easier with a background check service. If your child goes to a friend's house, has new teachers, or interacts with adults throughout the day, you can make sure he/she is safe with a full background check. This kind of public records check can help you find out if any person in your child's life has a violent criminal past, if they have committed a sexual offense and if they pose a threat in any kind of way.

Should I Use Free Background Check Sites?

There are two kinds of background check sites that you can use when you want to run a public records check; the first kind involves payment of fees, and the second kind is a free background check service.

Many free background check websites only advertise themselves as free to attract people to use the services they provide. Once a person gets on one of these sites, they can run a search as they desire but will receive only a few basic details for every search. For a more advanced search service, you will need to pay the website to give you the data you need.


A lot of people are tempted to use free sites to save money, but they realize very quickly that the information they want is not found on these kinds of websites. The no-fee policy makes free background check sites very limited in terms of the access they have to public records.

The limited access results in very short reports that include a few basic details about people, at best. Also, free background check websites are not secured. This means that your search history can be seen by other people and that your personal information can be hacked by people who can then sell it on the dark web.

Free background check sites also do not operate a customer support service for users, so if you have any questions regarding a service, you will not get any answers. That is why it is important to choose a good background check site that can provide you with all the information you need in one place, and without risking your personal data.

What Makes a Background Check Service the Best?

For the best background check service, you need the best public records site - GoLookUp. By researching the need for background checks, and finding out the information that people need, GoLookUp has set up a professional, full, and accurate public records website.

best background check

The search services available to you on GoLookUp range from the simplest data, such as contact information, to the complex job of digging up entire criminal records. The following search queries are available to you at all times, and you can use them at your discretion:

  • Arrest records - age, criminal classification, fines, and any other information pertaining to an individuals arrest.
Best Arrest Records

  • Mugshots - the photos of an individual taken at the time of his/her arrest. Allows you to distinguish between people with the same name that have a criminal record. 
Best Mugshot Search
  • Criminal records - all the information related to a person's criminal past, including arrests, misdemeanors, felonies, traffic violations, and more.
Best Criminal Records Search

  • Unclaimed money search - lost and forgotten money found in the states you have lived in and the places where the money is held (pension funds, banks, uncashed paychecks, and more).
Best Unclaimed Money Search

  • People search - a name-based background check that includes all the information listed here.
Best People Search

  • Inmate search - a tool that helps you locate an inmate who is held either in jail or in prison, as well as their full criminal records.
Best Inmate Search

  • Conviction search - a report that includes the crimes an individual has been guilty of committing.
Best Conviction Search
  • Sex offender search - a zip code-based sex offender search that results in all the registered sex offenders living in a certain area, including their crimes, mugshots, address, etc.
Best Sex Offender Search

  • Phone number search - a phone number-based background check that allows you to find all the public records that are related to a certain phone number.
Best Phone Number Search

  • Email lookup - an email-based background check that produces a report that includes all the public records that are related to a certain email address, either that of a business or a person.
Best Email Lookup

  • Reverse address lookup - an address-based background check that produces a reoprt that includes all the public records that are related to a certain address, including debts attached to the property, information about the owners, sex offenders living in the area, and more. 
Best Reverse Address Lookup
  • Background checks - public records checks that produce a report that includes arrest records, criminal records, contact information, social media information, employment history, and more.
Best Background Checks

  • Companies information - a search query that provides information about the financial status of compnies, information about the owners, expertise, and more. Allows you to research potential places of employment to check their legitimacy and is they can are right for you as a place of work.
Best Companies Information

Additional Services and Perks that Come with Using GoLookUp

GoLookUp gives users access to all the public records in the United States to help them discover what lies in a person’s past. To make sure you receive the best background check service, GoLookUp provides the search results within minutes of the query. The full public records report can be easily downloaded as a PDF file, saved, and printed whenever you may need it.

The data in the reports is real-time data, meaning that you get the latest public records information for the most comprehensive and accurate background check service.

Aside from the search services, GoLookUp also operates a professional customer support service that works 24/7, and help users with any problems they may encounter.

As a subscriber of GoLookUp, you are not the only one who can enjoy the services provided by the website. Family members can also use your subscription and find valuable information about themselves (such as lost funds), and other (criminal records checks).

If for some reason you wish to opt out of GoLookUp, you can easily do so by filling out a form for canceling your subscription. Our customer support team will contact you after you file the form to make sure you are indeed the person who wants your information removed from the site. If so, your personal data will be removed from GoLookUp, and you will be able to receive a refund for the time that remains on you subscription plan.

What About Security?

Nowadays, there are many hackers that steal information that people provide to sites of all kinds. When you use an unprofessional background check site, you run the risk of having your data exposed and stolen by people who might sell it on the dark web or use it for identity theft.

To make sure these kinds of incidents do not happen to users, GoLookUp uses the latest and most advanced security software. Thanks to the online protection, you can be certain that your personal information, as well as your search history, cannot be revealed by other people.

Background checks can help you find out the truth about people in your life that no social media site, or search engine, can provide. The best way to search accurate public records information and run a background check is to use a service provider that has access to such records.

GoLookUp provides the best background check because the site has full access to public records in the United States. Thanks to this access, you will be able to find accurate information about people that you know and people you do not know very well. With the best background check service on the site, you can discover what crimes people have committed, learn what is their real name, if they have aliases, if they are/were married, if they have a violent sexual past, and much more information. GoLookUp provides that best background check service so that members will be able to protect themselves from harm, and find valuable information about others.


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