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These are the Best Car Racing Games: Overview of the Best Car Racing Games!

by Malik R.

Best Car Racing Games, Car Racing Games, Racing Games

Best Car Racing Games

Racing  always a popular genre in videogames. Since the early days of 8-bit graphics and the era of Nintendo Entertainment Systems, racing games have always seen widespread acceptance and popularity. Racing emulate the experience of actual car races and even provide additional thrilling experiences such as competitive racing, stunts and aggressive or combat racing.

Today racing games are available in multiple formats and allow for online matches between players. They have become extremely realistic and offer numerous options for customizing cars, race tracks and racing formats. Almost all racing games allow players to customize their cars with a choice of parts in order to craft their own racing experience. At the same time, racing games also provide an adrenaline rush with its high speed on and off road races. Racing as a sport is popular among all age groups. Needless to say, racing games have a wide number of players from every age group.

The Popularity of Racing Games

Most people in the world never take part in actual races. Yet, everyone wishes to take part in thrilling car races with opportunities for dangerous driving. Racing games provide their players with exactly this experience. It allows its players to do something that they would never be able to do in real life and this is the main reason behind their addictive nature. In addition to this, another reason for the popularity of racing games are the additional content which is centered around car enthusiasts. Players are constantly given new cars to race with and better customization parts are unlocked as they progress through the game. A lot of racing games are also open world and not confined to race tracks. These games allow players to perform mind-bending stunts and jumps with their vehicles as well as offer unlimited driving freedom.

Here are the Best Car Racing Games we Reviewed! 

  • Burnout Paradise- Released way back in 2008, Burnout Paradise is still regarded by the majority of the gaming community as the holy grail of racing games. The game offered unparalleled driving freedom and feel. It left behind most racing games of its time and even game Need for Speed a run for its money. The game offers an entire city for free roaming. Not only that, unlike most open-world racing games, the city remained free for roam even during races which allowed players to take their own routes and discover shortcuts.
burnout paradise

  • Need for Speed Most Wanted (Remastered)- EA’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted has established its irreplaceable status in the world of racing videogames. The remastered edition of this classic was an improvement upon the graphics and the racing physics. Like most Need for Speed games, most wanted features a wide range of racing formats, thrilling police chases and a huge selection of cars to unlock and drive.
need for speed most wanted

  • The Crew 2- The Crew was Ubisoft’s debut into the mainstream racing videogames market and while the intial game was not a roaring success it did have a lot fo uniqe gameplay. The Crew 2 released in 2018 was a major improvement over the previous open-world racing videogame. The games offers constant open-world gameplay where players roam around the various areas of the United States.
the crew 2 video game

  • Rocket League- While not strictly a racing game, Rocket League has become one fo the most successful and addictive car games. The idea is deceptively simple and engaging. Simply put, its soccer with cars. Players control a wide variety of cars which can jump and dash towards a large soccer ball. The idea is to control the ball with the cars instead of a soccer plater and score goals against opposing teams.
rocket league car video game

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