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New to the Dating Scene? Here are the Best Dating Tips for Beginners!

by Kelly B.

Dating Tips, Best Dating Tips for Beginners

Best Dating Tips for Newbie Daters

Have you ever imagined being involved with someone who cannot take her/his eyes off you and looks at you with love? This is something to look forward to for a newbie first timer in the dating scene. Let us look at some of the best dating tips for most age groups, though we are not looking at the nookie scene for the younger dater.

Show Some Interest

Let the person know that you like her/him. This can be in the form of the way you look at her/him and the way you present yourself. The person across the table needs to be thrilled at meeting without suppressing a yawn. If you find yourself in the company of someone who keeps looking at her/his watch, the person either has an appointment or is not interested. Get the message and beat it, already. Go with your gut and the rest, as they say, will work out.

Be Truthful on Social Media

Put yourself out there without being too blasé about your personality. If you have joined a dating website make sure that you are on the right website. Some of them are for mere hookups. Be honest about your appearance, social status, and other simple issues. Stretching the truth to the ultimate will never bring on the likes or the appreciative conversation.

Dating Tips

Look Good Feel Great

Your appearance is the key to get someone interested. If you are plus sized, are short or have a noticeable problem, use it to your advantage. The person meeting you will probably be appreciative about the positive aura. If s/he does not show any interest, move along do not get discouraged, there are plenty of fish in the sea, don’t rely on the first one or even the 50th, the 60th may just be the right fit!

Be Well Read

Being informed has always been a great way to get the conversation going. When there is something intelligent to talk about, the other person may also have an opinion. S/he will either agree or disagree with you, or may just be happy with the chatter. Keep the conversations going without it being too much of a monologue - that will be a nonstarter. The idea is to have the lines of communication open.

Who is that Person who Interests You?

Exercise some caution. A woman or a man looking to date should be vigilant. You can let down your guard to an extent, but when you feel your antenna up, make a hasty retreat. That being said, not everyone is a serial killer, pedophile, rapist or what have you. Being overly cautious is seriously not the best way to have fun. People who have been single for a while may be scared to venture out there into unchartered territory. But one must not be a buzzkill, but still do not let down your guard, until you are sure.

Best Dating Tips for Beginners

What Do You Want

If you have a good idea about what you want from the person you are dating, let it be known. No one is a mind reader. Do not be clingy, it is very annoying, for both men and women. People who are clingy tend to become possessive and that is never a good sign. Possessiveness is a natural instinct when one is in a long-term relationship, but at the beginning of the dating game, it can be claustrophobic.

Don’t Share, Yet

Keep your family and friends away. Get to know the person first before moving fast, s/he may run away. Give the relationship time to grow, if it gets to the relationship stage! A newbie dater must be on the go if s/he wants to know someone without being over the top. Follow baby steps and you will be on the right track to finding the right person.


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