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DMV Pre-Test Training Websites You Need to Know!

by Garry S.

Pre Driving Test, Best Pre Test Driving Websites

Best Websites for DMV Pre-Test Training

The DMV test is the first test to be taken up by a new driver. The Department of Motor Vehicles conducts a test to assess the applicant’s knowledge of traffic laws, road rules, traffic signs, and safety rules. This test is a must to get a permit to drive vehicles. This is an online test. To help prepare for this test, there are many websites that offer pre-test training. This training helps applicants prepare for the DMV test. It also gives them the confidence to be able to prepare for the test.

There are many websites available, where the visitors can get trained on the test and also take up practice tests. Here’s a list of the best websites that you can visit for DMV pre-test training.

1. driving

According to this website, 85% of those who attempted the practice tests on their site have successfully cleared the DMV test. They allow users unlimited attempts to take the practice tests. The site has been updated for 2019. Unlike sites that give generic tests, the questions are customized to each state’s test. Since each state as its own site, this website allows you to practice the test, which you will actually face.

The site claims to provide identical questions similar to the DMV test. A companion guide to the DMV manual is provided, which helps test takers to be better prepared.

Pre Driving Test


This website lists out all the states on its home page so that you assured that you are preparing for the test as per your state requirements. An interesting feature of the site is that it does not insist on getting registered. You can take tests directly. Unlimited practice tests are offered. The questions are real questions, just like the ones asked in the DMV test.

You get feedback for your answers. This helps you to learn from your mistakes and be better prepared to take up the DMV test.


This website offers a cheat sheet for test takers. The cheat sheet helps test takers to be perfectly prepared. Users can print the sheet and take with to the test, according to the website. The site offers a 100% money back guarantee for users. They claim it is better than the manual to prepare for the DMV test.

The site claims a 94% satisfaction rating from users who have rated them with 4 or 5 stars.


Apart from the website, a mobile app is offered on Android and iOS platforms. The site offers a prep material that is an alternative to the study manual. The prep materials are based on the latest manual. It offers explanations for the questions, to help participants prepare better.

It is state-specific and most importantly does not require an email-ID and is absolutely free.

Best Pre Test Driving Websites

5. www.dmv-written-test

The site has a 4.6/5 star rating from customers. The site is free to use and does not require users to register on it. The site claims the highest passing rate. 95% of those who took practice tests passed the DMV test,

Immediate feedback is given on test answers. The questions are real and a comprehensive databank of questions is available.


This site in operation from more than 20 years. The site is the largest provider in the US. It claims to have trained more than 13 million drivers trained. The site is a paid site. It offers a money back guarantee. Apart from DMV test preparation and practice, the site offers a number of other online products. State-specific material is provided.

All the sites above are generic websites, which has material and tests for each state separately.


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