Best External Hard Drive What is an External Hard Drive and the Best External Hard Drives!

May 2019

Best External Hard Drive: Find out what is an external hard drive and how to use it!

External Hard Drive Overview

An external hard drive or an HDD is not present inside a computer but is connected to your personal computer externally.

There are a few external hard drives, which can take their power from the data cable that comes from a PC itself. However, there are some HDDs, which may need a special AC wall connection for deriving their power. It is also possible to convert an internal hard drive into an external hard drive through something called the hard drive enclosure.

Also, external drives are available on the market with different storage capacities. However, they are all connected to the computers wirelessly or through FireWire, USB, or eSATA.

At times, an external drive is also referred to as a portable hard drive. One of the most portable and common kinds of an external hard drive is a flash drive.

Reasons for using external hard drives

These drives are extremely simple to use, can offer a huge storage capacity, and are portable. It is possible to store the device any of your preferred places so that you can easily carry multiple files with you no matter where you go.

One of the other prominent merits of purchasing an external hard drive is the ease with which these can be moved from one computer to another thus being able to share large files without any hassles.

External Hard Drive
As these external drives typically have huge storage capacities, they are frequently used for storing backed up files. A backup program is often used for backing up objects such as a collection of pictures, video or music to an external hard drive to ensure safekeeping and also to store them separately from their originals for protecting them in case the former gets deleted or changed accidentally.

Plus, an external drive offers an easy technique for expanding your existing storage while not even opening a computer that is particularly tough if you are using your laptop.

In case your computer keeps showing you warnings pertaining to low disk space or has become slower while struggling to work with less than adequate free space, it is time for you to purchase an external drive. Perhaps, you should copy your files to the new drive so that the primary hard drive of your computer can free up its storage space.

An external drive can also be used for providing extra storage space to a network although at times internal drives are typically preferred in such cases. Many users can access such network storage devices simultaneously enabling them to share their files in that network and thus avoid online data upload or email.

What is External Hard Drive
Comparison between internal drives and external drives

While internal drives are directly connected to a computer’s motherboard, external storage devices are connected to a computer externally.

While software installation and operating system files are typically installed in internal drives, external HDDs are used to store documents, videos, and photos.

An internal hard drive gets its power supply from a computer’s inner power supply. On the other hand, an external HDD is powered via dedicated AC power or its data cable.

As an external hard drive is physically taken around more frequently in comparison to an internal drive, they can stop functioning more easily because of mechanical damage. However, SSD based drives such as flash drives are typically less vulnerable to this kind of damage.

At the same time, data compromise is easier when you store the data on the external HDD as it is usually placed on a table or a desk. They are thus simple to rob or pick up. The phenomenon is distinct in comparison to an internal drive as the thief has to lift the entire system or remove its hard drive from inside.

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