Best fat burner Shop: Top Fat Burners and Learn How Fat is Stored in Our Body!

May 2019

How is Fat Stored in Our Body and Why: Understand about Body Fat and Shop from Top Best Fat Burners!

How is Fat Stored in Our Body and Why

All of us have fats in our body; in fact, body fats have become one of the biggest reason for concern, given the unhealthy lifestyle of most people these days. But not all fats are bad; in fact, some fats are really essential for our body to maintain a healthy body.

Normally a thin person has around 20 and 27 million fat cells, while an overweight person has around 75 to 300 billion fat cells distributed around their body.

Well, our body’s ability to store fats is as such that it becomes problematic if we intake more than what’s required for our body. So, in order to control our weight, it’s very important for us to understand what exactly causes fat to be stored in our body, and how exactly does our body store fats.

how is fat stored in our body

How Does our Body Store Fat? 

Fat is stored all over our body, like around the kidneys, the liver and even inside muscles, but most fat is stored in Subcutaneous (under the skin). And the number of fat cells stored in an individual is determined early in life; in fact, the total number of fat cells in a person is often developed by late adolescence. Although in some cases, the number may increase during adulthood.

So, you must be wondering, how do we become fat if the cells don’t increase after adolescence? The answer to that is- depending on the intake of fats, these cells increase and decrease in size, just like a balloon.

Now, let us tell you how are fats stored. So, when the fats are consumed, our body breaks it down to pass it into our bloodstream. While the fats are stored in fat cells known as adipocytes, all the sugar gets delivered to the liver and then to hard-working muscles for energy.

The only way to release these excess cells stored in adipocytes is burning calories. And the best way to burn calories is via exercise.

Well, here’s a fun fact about fats. Men and women store fats in different places of their body. Most females store fats in their breasts, waist, hips, and buttocks, while men store it in their chest, abdomen, and buttocks - one of the reasons why a woman becomes ‘hippy’ while a man develops a gut.

Why Does our Body Store Fat? 

So now that we know how are fat cells stored in our body, let's get to know why does our body stores fat cells? Just as we have mentioned, fat cells are essential for a healthy body.

So, our body stores fats in order to use it in the future, in times of lower nourishment accessibility. Every time you do something that requires for your body to put in some energy, and muscles to be used, these fats are the ones that fuel the whole process.

So basically, fats act like fuel for our body. When our body senses that a muscle requires more power, it sends enzymes to a fat cell to break down the contents, which releases glycerol and fatty acids into the blood. And as these fatty acids reach muscles, they convert them into the required energy. So, this is how our body burns fats, but overeating and an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to a slower metabolism, which affects the whole fat burning process. And if fat gets ingested, but not burned properly, the body stores it which is what causes obesity and other health issues.

So, in order to boost our metabolism, we should consume foods that promote fat loss, like Fatty Fish, Coffee, Green Tea, Eggs, Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Oil and more. And of course, a good workout can boost our metabolism as well.

Now that you know all about good fats and bad fats, and how and why fat is stored in our body, you should be able to better take care of your body.

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