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The Best Online Free Dating Websites to Use!

by Keren P.

Online Dating, Best Online Free Dating Websites

5 Best Online Free Dating Websites to Meet Your Match!

Less than a century ago, couples met in ballrooms, at social events, and even through arranged marriages. Plenty has changed in this little century, and these days' couples who end up getting married don't even meet face to face. That's right – the age of the internet has made it possible to connect with potential love interests without having to get off the couch. These days you can set up a date from the comfort of your bedroom, and decide who you want to go out with on your might off. Online dating websites are a great way to meet up with potential couples, and the following are the best online free dating websites you should check out.

Before you get started

Online dating is great, but you have to be careful these days with all the scammers and cheaters out there. 53% of people who are registered to online dating websites admitted that they lied on their profile. Like in everything else in life, there are small lies people tell and pretty big ones, like saying they are single when they are actually married. Some people even go as far as lying about their entire identity.

Online Dating

There have been plenty of unfortunate cases where people went out with someone they met online who ended up hurting them. There are also those who search for victims on online dating websites to scam them out for money. If you don't want to be one of the people who end up getting seriously harmed by someone you met online, you can use a people search of reverse phone search to learn more about the people you want to meet. When you enter the name or phone number of a certain person into these search directories, you will get accurate public records data about them. Access to public records will let you know about marriage and divorce records, birth records, criminal records, arrest records, sex offenses, and more. With all this information, you will be able to find out if the people you are speaking with on online dating websites are telling you the truth about who they are.

5 Best Free Online Dating Websites

Now that you know about the perils of online dating, it's time to get down to it. If you want to try out online dating website free of charge or register to a long-term free account, these are the sites you should consider:



This is one of the most popular online dating websites in the world and in the US. As of today, OkCupid has 8 million members, and you can register to a free account. One of the best features of OkCupid is its compatibility feature that matches like-minded people. To find the best matches for you, you will fill out different personality questionnaires, and you will be set up with people who share your interests. For those of you who are happy with the free version but want to unlock additional OkCupid features, you can sign up for OkCupid premium, which is a paid-per membership. operates in a similar way as OkCupid, meaning it matches between people who are compatible with one another. When you register to, you will be given questionnaires to fill out. After you submit the forms, the system on will perform an assessment on you and will put you in one of four categories: director, builder, negotiator or explorer, and you will be matched with people who are compatible to you.



LuvFree allows you to find people based on their location, gender, interests, and other parameters. One of the benefits of this free online dating websites is its scam and spam-free policy. To help people find the best matches for them, LuvFree features full and detailed profiles if its members, including their photos, interests, descriptions, and more. To protect its users, LuvFree screens applications and reviews membership requests. The sing up for LuvFree is quick and easy, and once you are a member, you will be able to use some very handy features, like an invisible mode, create a friends list, put up to 30 profile photos, and much more.



Flirty is one of the simplest free online dating websites, so it's great for anyone who is looking for a hassle-free sign-up. When signing up to Flirty9, you will need to state if you are straight or gay, woman or man, and that is pretty much it. Once you choose these basic characteristics, you will need to press "continue." When using the website, you can choose the people you like based on their profile, and enjoy the unlimited chatting feature. The sign-up and use on Flirty9 are completely free, and unlike other free websites, there are no paid-per premium memberships.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is very unique in the online dating world because it has a reward system. That's right – you have to earn your matches to meet them. How does it work? The app gives you coffee and bagels based on your activity, mutual friends you have with matches, number of matches, and more. Coffee Meets Bagel has a limited number of matches you can earn every day, so it operates to give you the chance to actually get to know your matches before you move on to the next ones. The concept of Coffee Meets Bagel is to match people who have mutual friends, and while this feature is not new, it does have a high success rate.

So, there you have it — 5 of the top free online dating websites. You can use the modern-day miracle of the internet to meet your next love or at the very least – find new friends you who share your interests. It doesn’t matter which app you choose – just make sure you are careful. Do a little digging into your matches' past before you meet them, and make sure they are not lying to you. If they're legit, put on your dating outfit, and have a great time.


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