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5 Best Free PDF to Word Converters

by Toni S.

Best Free PDF to Word Converter, PDF to Word

Top 5 Free PDF to Word Converters!

As more and more people conduct business online, there is a growing need to transfer documents quickly and easily. One of the most efficient ways to transfer documents is by using a PDF file, which is uniform in any computer it gest to. However, to transfer a PDF file, you need to first create a word DOC file. Then, you will be able to convert the Doc file into a PDF file and send it to whomever you want. To do so, you need a reliable and quick PDF word converter. When you receive or send a PDF file, you will be able to convert it to a word file and make all the necessary edits. To help you choose the best PDF to word converter for your needs, we made a list of the most efficient converters today. Keep in mind that all of them have a free version, as well as a paid-per version, so you can choose the one you need based on your needs.

Best Free PDF to Word Converter

1. Nitro PDF to Word Converter

Nitro offers one of the most efficient and quick ways to convert a PDF file to a word file. This handy tool offers various features you can use for your conversion needs. Aside from a PC version, Nitro also offers one of the best PDF to word converter online, so you can use the version you need at any time. The online version is limited to 5 conversions per month, but the desktop app allows you to perform more conversions. When using the online version, you will get an email with the output of the conversion you requested, which makes it easier to forward. Overall, Nitro PDF to Word Converter is very quick and handy, but if you are a heavy user, it is best to buy the desktop app that offers more features and conversions than the online converter.

Nitro PDF to Word Converter

2. TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper is without a doubt one of the best PDF to doc converters you can use online or offline. The conversions on TalkHelper are super quick, and the results are high quality. The converter is also highly recommended because it is easy to use, so if you do not know very tech-savvy, you will still be able to get out the most out of the app. With TalkHelper, you won’t even have to upload the files you want to convert – the easy drag-and-drop feature allows you to get the data you need to transfer straight into the conversion box. The results of the conversion on TalkHelper are very clear, so you will be able to clearly read each document, and also send quality files to others.

TalkHelper PDF Converter

3. Free Online OCR

OCR can be crowned as the best free PDF to word converter, especially when you consider the fact that it is available only online. The online converter is based on OCR (optical character recognition) that detects text in the PDF file you upload to provide the best conversion results. The OCR provides high-quality results, so you can upload scanned PDF files and expect accurate and clear results. Unlike other converters, OCR does not provide an email conversion output. Instead, it provides you with a link where you can download the word file OCR prepared. The easy-to-use online converter is perfect for on-the-go use, so if you spend a lot of time working on your laptop or smartphone, this is the best free PDF to word converter for you.

online ocr

4. SmallPDF PDF To Word Converter

The slick interface on SmallPDF PDF To Word Converter is what makes it one of the top 5 best PDF to Word converters. When first using SmallPDF, you will immediately understand what you need to do thanks to the user-friendly interface. This converter is great for additional reasons aside from its quick conversions; the SmallPDF allows you to convert a PDF file to a variety of files other than word, merge several PDF files to one file, compress PDF files, and more. To use SmallPDF, you don’t have to register or sign-up, which is a great time saver. However, if you want to use the pro version, you will need to register to SmallPDF. The app is also great for small businesses because it has a multi-user functionality and management feature that makes it easy for several people to share data. So, don’t let the name fool you – SmallPDF is anything but a small and limited converter.

SmallPDF PDF To Word Converter

5. Adobe PDF Converter

Adobe is haled for many services, including a PDF converter service. The app features plenty of tools you can use whenever you want, so you are not limited to just converting PDF to word. Aside from these tools, you will also receive cloud services that will help you save and backup files at all times. The cloud feature makes it easy for you to connect with several people and work together in a hassle-free manner. The app is easy to use, and it has a very handy and user-friendly interface that makes any job easier. With all its feature, it's no surprise that Adobe PDF is one of the most popular PDF conversion apps used by large corporations.

Adobe PDF Converter

PDF to word conversion is a must, for both small and large businesses. Thankfully, there are some great apps you can use both online and offline to convert PDF files whenever you need. To choose the best free PDF to word converter for you, think about your conversion needs, and you'll be able to use any of the handy converters on this list.


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