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Best Websites for Funny Videos

by Johnny M.

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Best Websites to Get Funny Videos

Are you absolutely stressed out and are dying to feel light-hearted and jolly? Or, you could be completely bored and want to see something hilarious and good. After all, who would deny that laughter is the finest therapy to unwind yourself. Laughter is a great way to enjoy a good time and is the best tactic to relax. While comedy and humor should be an integral part of everyone’s life, it is not easy to find them.

The article discusses some top funny video websites that are sure to lift your spirits when you watch them. You are sure to come across some really interesting videos on these following websites:

1. YouTube

One of the leading destinations for the Internet buffs, this video sharing site is owned by Google. YouTube was launched in the year 2005 and has emerged and acknowledged as one of the top sites where web users are able to view, share, and upload video clips online. The popular video sharing platform is a place where people can also transfer, remark, and offer their video clips and recordings.

The administration of the videos can be done using cell phones, tablets, and on PCs among others. In fact, YouTube comedy is one such site where you can watch and enjoy some of the best hilarious and funny video clips. Plus, the top hilarious videos will pop up especially for any user on this site. You are free to view an unlimited number of funny video clips and relax. Hence, there is little doubt why YouTube occupies the top spot in our list of hilarious video sites on the Internet.

2. 9gag TV

It is an extremely entertaining site, which constitutes a compilation of innumerable funny video clips from around the Internet that are submitted by various people.

3. Funny or Die

It is a popular drama video website, which is known for its tremendous measure of entertaining videos. Plus, you can also determine whether a particular video on this website is hilarious and funny or not. A young entertainer called Michael Kvamme and the son of Mark Kvamme came up with this brilliant concept of a parody website. Eventually, it was Randy Adams, who created this funny website.

4. Dailymotion

A free and unique video facilitating website, Dailymotion empowers its udders to see, offer, store, transfer, and get to videos and recordings. The Dailymotion Service constitutes a video player and the site. The Dailymotion video player can be embeddable onto any website. The video player enables online users to watch any Dailymotion content, items, information, programming and much more. When you go to the Dailymotion website, you can enjoy some of the funniest videos online whenever you want to and as you wish.


You can come across some of the most hilarious videos at The website offers a bouquet of hilarious content for it users to select from like video clips, image, and much more.

6. Metacafe

It is the most appropriate website to showcase and share the finest short-form video clips from television, films and more. Users are encouraged to also contribute by submitting their own videos. Metacafe is regarded as one of the most hilarious video sites. The video-sharing website has hands-on experience in simulation of short-frame video clips in the categories of TV, music, games, computer games, and motion pictures.

7. FAIL blog

Are you fond of viewing memes? If the reply is in affirmative, FAIL blog is an apt site for you. The site is also known for having the silliest pictures on the Internet. So, while the website is famous for some of the funniest online memes, it has also emerged with a video site, which is sure to bring a smile on your face.


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