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Best GIF App to Make Fun Gifs!

by Ciara C.

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Great GIF Maker Apps: We Review GIF Apps! 

For the uninformed, GIFs are animated pictures encoded in a graphics interchange format. They usually contain plenty of images or frames arranged in a single file and is described by its own graphics control extension.

GIFs are a lot of fun because they let you convey a variety of emotions. They are usually used to convey humor. So how do you go about making GIFs? There are many ways to make a GIF. However, the simplest way to go about it is to use one of the many free GIF maker apps available on Android and iOS. Let us take a look at some of the most popular ones.


Gifx lets you create much more than a traditional GIF. The app is fantastic because it lets you apply over 200 GIF effects to your photos and videos. It also lets you add music, edit adjustments and even lets you use over 100 optional masks. Unfortunately, as of right now Gifx isn’t available on Android. If you use iOS, then Gifx is one of the most creative and customizable GIF apps on the Apple Store right now.

Gifx Apps. Best gif app

Giphy Cam

Giphy is available for both Android and iOS. It’s the largest GIF search engine on the internet. The app has face-tracking accessories, stickers and much more that you can use to take your GIFs to the next level. In addition to being the largest GIF search engine on the internet, you can use Giphy Cam to film videos so that you can create GIFs that are truly yours.

giphy cam app
Gif Me! Camera-GIF Maker:

If you’re rocking a fairly low-end and outdated android phone, fear not, because you can still get in on the fun. Gif Me! Is quite light on system resources and can be used on an android phone with as low a version as Android 2.3. It has a rating of 4.3 on Googles Play Store. It’s that good. The app supports real-time stickers, text, color filters and plenty more features. Check out Gif Me today.

giftme app

Tumblr’s Built-in GIF maker

Many people don’t want to clutter their app drawers with a lot of apps. If you’d like in on the GIF action but don’t want to clutter your phone with apps, try out Tumblr’s built-in GIF maker. It is used extensively by many GIF enthusiasts and is actually quite good. You can use the app to create GIFs from video and photo bursts from your smartphones camera rolls. If you’d like to share your GIFs, there aren’t many places better to share them on than Tumblr. Try it out to see if that’s more your speed.

thumblr gif app

Pixel Animator: GIF Maker

If you're looking for something different and just a teensy bit snazzy, check out Pixel Animator. It is a pixel art application. You can use this app to create GIFs of artwork you're proud of. With the free version of the app, you can make GIFs with up to 15 frames. The reason this app is really popular is that it has a nifty feature of being able to port a prior image to the next image in a GIF. Give it a whirl, it’s quite an interesting proposition.

pixel animator app

There are many other fantastic GIF maker apps available on Googles Play Store and Apples App Store. The above-mentioned ones are quite good at doing what they're supposed to do. You won't be disappointed with them. They've all been put into this list because they all offer something different from regular GIF maker apps and have high ratings.


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