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10 Best Grocery Shopping Apps!

by Eric C.

Grocery Shopping Apps, Best Grocery Shopping Apps

What is the Best Grocery Shopping App?

Nowadays no one wants to be a part of the physical grocery shopping experience. Not when the best companies in the world are offering apps and great online grocery shopping experiences. There is a boom time for online grocery shopping in the US. According to a recent CNBC channel report, over a quarter of US households are now ordering groceries online.

2016 saw US households bought over USD$20 billion worth of groceries online. The US continues remaining the world's largest market where consumers purchase online groceries.

This leads to a boom in online grocery shopping. These days most e-grocers are offering online grocery delivery to each choice location – either office or room- for free.

Within ten years, the figure is marked to touch 70 percent leading to nearly $100 billion worth of online grocery sales. Grocery store owners choose coupons offering excellent discounts hence saving a lot of money on household expenses.

Grocery Shopping Apps

What are the top 10 best online grocery stores to shop from?

Walmart: the outright winner

Without a doubt, Walmart grocery is numero uno when it comes to e-grocery sales and online shopping. works a lot like your neighborhood Walmart shop according to their website.

Walmart grocery features a great selection of high-quality merchandise and grocery stores.

It has great customer friendly services also provides a delivery service to the customer.

The "everyday low prices" guarantee of Walmart Online shopping allows you to save money daily on groceries. This makes Walmart the most preferred website for grocery shopping online.


Costco: global leader to the aircraft hangar

Costco is one of the leading dream success stories. It started as Price Club from one aircraft hangar at Morena Boulevard in California in 1976. And the rest has been one glorious journey.

Later in 1983, Costco’s first brand retail outlet started welcoming customers in Seattle. Both companies merged to form Costco.

Today there are over 300 retail stores. It also offers online grocery shopping at great prices.



Sears is ranked at number 3 amongst America’s online grocery stores. Rightly so, Sears provides Americans with their shopping needs as well as offering non-US residents.


Amazon Pantry

without a doubt, credit for introducing online grocery shopping must go to Amazon. Today, Amazon is the global e-tailer. In America Amazon offers fresh foods and grocery items through Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry.

Amazon Pantry

Kmart online

The fact of the matter is Kmart Online owns America's third largest online store Sears. Kmart is, however, a large contender amongst US grocery stores in their own right. Additionally to daily bargains, Kmart Online gives you the option to pick up your purchases from your nearest Kmart.

Kmart online


Kroger is by far the best online grocery shopping app. It has its own eponymous brand and also offers recipes. These can be downloaded for free while ordering the ingredients online. Their loyalty program is one of the best for shopper engagement.



Safeway is the brainchild of an Idaho-based teenager. MB Skaggs had a vision of offering high-quality products at the lowest prices from the only store. This small vision grew soon as Safeway started growing in popularity. These days Safeway owns over 2,200 stores across 33 states.



Looking for great bargains while shopping online for groceries? Shoprite is the place to be. It was founded to cater to US families. Shoprite not only serves the community by selling groceries at low rates, but it also donates food to charities. Shoprite has also grown into America's largest retailer-owned cooperative and is New Jersey's largest employer.



Instacart began its operations in 2015 as the brainchild of an ex-Amazon employee, Apoorva Mehta. Instacart is known as America’s most successful startup. They do not sell products directly but work as an aggregator of small, medium and large online groceries.



Peapod works by making your life easier by offering you vegetables, meat, seafood, and fresh fruits and other great products daily.



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