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Instagram Travel Influencers You Will Love Following

by Toni S.

Instagram Travel, Instagram Travel Influencers

Best Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Do you have itchy feet? Are you always on the lookout for your next travel destination? Fret not. Our article will list out the best traveler IG accounts to follow. These accounts not only share beautiful and immersive photos and videos from their travels across the world, but they also inform their audience of deals and discounts that they can avail to make their tours more affordable. You can find out where to go, how to get there, what to eat, see, shop and more when you follow these Instagram travel bloggers. What are you waiting for? Let your wanderlust take over –

Instagram Travel Influencers

Top Instagram Travel Influencers on IG

Alex StrohlAlex from Montana has an Insta follower base of 1.9 million users. His specialty is photos of pristine and untouched nature. You won’t find too many selfies on his account. Instead, you will find photos with incredible depth and color that other travel bloggers fail to capture. Strohl has had his work featured on Vanity Fair, BuzzFeed and many other publications.

Alex Strohl

Murad Osmann Osmann has 4.1 million Instagram followers. Do you know those exquisitely gorgeous photos of being led by a woman with her back to you? Yes, they are of his wife, Nataly Osmann. The Russian travel photographer tours the world with his wife by his side, and their IG photos are travel goals if there were any!

Murad Osmann

Jack Morris You can follow the adventures of Jack Morris and his girlfriend on Instagram at @doyoutravel. Both in their mid-20s, they met each other on their travel only a year back and have already checked off twenty countries together. With a cool 2.7m followership, it’s no surprise that they charge a commission of some six-figures when approached to share a photo on their official handle.

Jack Morris

Matt Karsten Matt Karsten, who blogs on Insta under the name of ExpertVagabond, left his job as a freelance photographer in the States to travel around the world. Back in the States now and happily married, he can still be found out on the road at least half the year. Karsten has visited some 50 countries already. He has an Insta follower base of 1.46K followers. ExpertVagabond mostly posts photos of the adventure sports he participates in and the hikes he embarks on.

Matt Karsten

Lauren Bullen Laura is one of the most famous travel influencers of our time. She has close to 2 million people following her on Instagram. The Australian traveler wanders around with her husband and blog under the handle of @gypsea_lust.

Lauren Bullen

Tara Milk Tea The Asian-Australian travel blogger and fashionista has 840k people actively following her on Instagram. She is known for her delectable food photos and well-timed and stunning photos of herself against awe-inspiringly beautiful backdrops.

Tara Milk Tea

Alvaro Alvaro Rojas, who blogs under the IG handle of Wander Reds, manages to make time for and document his travels despite keeping up with a 9-5 job. Thought it was impossible? He proves naysayers wrong. You can find photos of wondrous architecture, undisturbed nature and jaw-dropping panoramas on his page. Alvaro has traveled some 169 countries already and is not planning to stop anytime soon.


All the Travel Inspiration You Need

Procrastinating about travel is no good. If you want to set sail, you need to pack your bags and walk out the door. However, it’s wise to prepare and research a little before setting out on your travels. The Instagram pages of popular travelers listed above will do – inform you about whatnots of travel while inspiring you to get out of your city and take a break!


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