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4 Best Neighborhood Apps To Build Your Community

by Goni S.

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4 Best Neighborhood Apps To Build Your Community

What about using an app that connects you with your neighbors while keeping your privacy and well-being of being peacefully at home? No further need to knot from door to door (or at least only at the start), nowadays you can just log on a neighborhood app which will connect you to all folks around. You'll be sharing and discussing with people in your own geographic area which will help you to develop a local social life.

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In case you need a helping hand, track down your missing cat, look for a last-minute babysitter or a petsitter for a few days, these apps can be truly helpful! In addition, it will help you to build new positive projects for your community and free your creativity. Do you dream about a community garden or a library for the neighborhood children? Nextdoor, Ioby, Olio, or Freecycle are here to build up your community, encourage sharing and positive changes.


This app is the perfect way to know about what is happening in your neighborhood and interact with your neighbors. Nextdoor faces the challenge to make your community more alive and develop solidarity! Now, the world's largest social network for the neighborhood, Nextdoor believes your neighborhood is one of the most important and useful communities in your life, and obviously it is! If we often forget to interact with our neighbors for many reasons like lack of time, privacy and many more, create a bond with the people around can truly make your life easier. 

 Nextdoor app

Nextdoor is free and the subscription is easy. It is giving you an easy way to connect with your neighbors, to share important information in case of natural disaster, or about something you have lost (a key, your dog, etc.), find a handy help to fix something in your home or a babysitter. You can also plan an event for your community and gather on special-or-not occasions.

So far, Nextdoor has been launched in several countries, inspiring friendship between neighbors, community building and support, trusting in the global power of local.


Ioby is a neighborhood and community app that is directed towards crowdfunding, with the motto "More than just crowdfunding, Positive change, block by block." It gives the opportunity to anyone who's willing to lead a project for his community to express his idea and use this crowdfunding platform as well as the support and training of ioby to bring his idea to life. Bring positive change to people's life and make your community alive is the purpose or ioby. It gives local changemakers the resources to build a new project, with the help of your community donations or volunteers. Some communities have created a local greenspace, a tool library, a local food factory, a good healthy food community garden and much more! 
Ioby app

With Ioby, you have the opportunity to create a lasting change in your community and either create or support a project, volunteer or donate, or simply be curious about what's happening in your area. Look no further and don't wait for change, create it!


"Share more. Waste less." Olio connects neighbors to share! To share what? Everything from food to clothes. They aim to connect people of the same neighborhood in order to share all things you no longer need. In case you hate throwing away your surplus of food and aliments, if you bought too much or cooked too much, or in case you are about to go for a few days with some remaining good things in your fridge, you have the opportunity to just take a picture of it and wait for your neighbors to reply and pick it up. Half of all items requested go away under an hour! Save your food, do not feel ashamed to waste it and, by doing so, meet your neighbors! A win-win combination.

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If you are moving and want to get rid of a few things such as your toaster, or if you are looking for free stuff, this app is THE one! Freecycle is a nonprofit app run by volunteers that helps to bring your community together and meet your neighbors at the same time. If you have anything that you no longer need and that is just taking space in your storage, or if, on the contrary, you are a student and would love to be helped to furnish your apartment, Freecycle is the perfect free donation cycle to share and receive. It simply connects generosity and needs, creating a virtuous circle.

Freecycle app
Freecycle helps foster connections amongst neighbors, limit waste and promote sustainability. It is a direct bridge between you and them, between giving and receiving. Don't throw it away - give it away!

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