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May 2019

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Should You Upgrade Your Dog’s Food to Organic Dog Food?

Is your dog suffering from a low immune system, bad digestion or a poor and lackluster coat? Well, it’s high time you changed your carnivore companion’s diet. Upgrade to a healthier organic dog food diet, and you will see the effects.

You often read, see it on online sites and hear people talking about organic dog food on the streets. Organic agriculture is a fast-growing industry with a worldwide sale of $63 billion and has taken the world by storm. But the big question is, should you use it in your pet’s diet? Why should you at all upgrade your dog’s food to an organic version? Well, this article will settle all your crooked eyebrows and answer your questions.

Flies respond better to organic food

A bright middle school girl called Ria Chhabra had done a science fair project on an ingenious topic- she examined flies that ate organic and non-organic food to mark the differences it created in their systems if any. Well, you will be surprised that it did and research showed that fruit that fruit flew which ate organic food showed higher longevity and fertility rates than those that ate plain conventional non-organic food. Also, the organic fed-flies showed better activity levels than their non-organically fed counterparts. Well, the analogy is simple- if flies show improvement, so can dogs.

Best Organic Dog Food

Why go organic?

The usual dog food which you get from the market is a bag of harmful toxins, and it's better if you keep that junk out from your dog's reach. Even home-cooked food is better than those toxic kibbles. If you want your dog to have a rich and furry coat, display a better immune system and show improvements in the energy level of your companion, it's better to upgrade your dog food to an organic one.

Simple organic add-ons

If you do not straightaway want to change the diet of your dog to an organic one, try taking little steps towards it, like including organic raw eggs. Organic raw eggs are produced by those hens which feed on grass and live bugs without a daily dose of antibiotics. The result- a beautiful, almost-orange egg yolk filled with beta carotene that can bring great benefits to your dog.

Organic meats do not have harmful antibiotics

Feeding low-level antibiotics is a commonplace practice in the livestock industry. When you feed low-level antibiotics to the cattle, certain bacteria remain resistant to it, and they pass on this resistance to those bacteria which can cause disease and death in humans. But organically raised eggs and meats are a lot safer as antibiotics are simply not used in this industry. So, including organic meats and eggs in your dog's diet is a lot safer than following a conventional diet. 

Organic Dog Food

Organic dog food is good for reducing your pet’s  skin ailments

If your dog is suffering from skin allergies, try organic dog food. Free of flavor enhancers and artificial colors, chemical additives and toxic pesticides, that are the most common sources of skin infections and allergies, your dog will breathe a new life. Organic dog food is enhanced with good quality protein and grain sources that support your dog’s immune system to fight skin infections.

The digestive system of your pet will show improvements

Since organic dog food has superior quality grains and proteins which are free from insecticides and pesticides, it makes the food more digestible. Free from bulk-fillers, your dog only consumes the food and nothing else. Improved digestion gives your dog more energy and a better immune system. 

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