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Best People Search Engine: Why GoLookUp is the Best People Searching Engine!

by Ross C.

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Best People Search Engine - Why GoLookUp is the Best People Searching Engine!

Every state in the United States keeps detailed records of the people living in it. These records help governments keep track of their residents, and provide them with valuable information when they need it. To gain access to these personal public records, you no longer have to go to different offices and officials that maintain them. Nowadays, you can use a people search website that gives users access to public records and provides them with valuable data. The growing need for an online people search service brought about the forming of many websites that provide information found in Public records. To save yourself time and money, it is important that you use a professional people search website, like GoLookUp, that will provide you with detailed and reliable reports on the person you have questions about.

Why Should You Run a People Search, and Why it's Important to Pick the Best People Search Service!

As of 2018, there are more than 326 million people living in the United States. If you need to track down information on a certain person, you have to use the best people search service. Many people look for information about others in social media outlets and search engines, but the results they receive are not accurate. People can falsify information about themselves in any way they desire, and that false information is what shows up on Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


However, a people search engine provides you with 100% accurate information you cannot find anywhere else. Why? Because the searches it performs are based on public records that are recorded by official authorities. Thanks to this accurate type of service, you can run a people search background check, and find out everything you need to know about the people in your life.

Whenever you meet a new person, and you are not quite sure if they are telling you the truth about themselves, or when you simply want to find out the truth about others, all you have to do is run a people search. You can find people online and get information that will help you in the following scenarios:

  1. Job search – if you are looking for a new place to work in and are going on interviews, it is important that you know who are the people you are working with. By using an easy people search service, you can find information about your potential colleagues and employers, and decide if you want to take a certain job based on the search results.
  2. Dating – dating apps and dating websites are becoming increasingly popular every year. Unfortunately, more than 40% of the people who are on dating sites and apps provide false information about themselves. There are also people who go on online dates with the intent to cause harm to the person they are supposed to meet. With a people search service, you can find out about your dates' marital status, their criminal records, their employment status, education and more. Finding out the truth about people you intend to date can help you avoid harm and know exactly who you are dating.
  3. Meeting new people – whether it's a new neighbor, a new adult in your child's life or a friend you happened to meet, a fast people search can help you find out more about each person's past. A reliable people search engine can help you discover who you are up against, and whether the people who came into your life have a criminal past and also if they are registered sex offenders.

What Kind of Information Can I Get on a People Search Engine?

A people search engine runs a background check based on the name of the person you want to find data about. Once you enter the name of the person in question, the search engine will run a public records check and will provide you with a full report on them. The report includes criminal records, arrest records, sexual offenses, convictions, marriage records, divorce records, driving violations, mugshots and much more.

Should I Use Free People Search Sites?

Nowadays, you can run a people search on two kinds of websites – ones that charge membership fees and websites that provide a free people search service. Many people who want to conduct a people search are tempted to use free websites, but they find out they have several problems.

First of all, there are free people search sites that provide very few details to those who use them. If you need a full people search report, many "free" people search websites will charge you money to get all the data you want.

However, there are also free people search sites that do not charge users for any fees whatsoever. Unfortunately, this means that you will not find all the public records data you want. Free people search websites do not have the financial means to get access to all the public records in the state that hold information about residents in the US. In the best-case scenario, you will get a very slim report with a few basic details when you use a free people search website. The lack of a security system and a customer support service make free people search websites very problematic in terms of background checks.

What Makes a Background People Search the Best?

GoLookUp is the best people search engine that can provide you with valuable information about any person you desire. The following data is an example of what you can find on GoLookUp for any type of public records search that you may need:

  • Arrest records - criminal classification, age, fines, and any other data recorded at the time of a person's arrest.
Best Arrest Records

  • Mugshots - The photos taken by the police when they arrest an individual.
Best Mugshot Search
  • Criminal records - the law violations performed by an individual, such as felonies, traffic violations, misdemeanors, and more.
Best Criminal Records Search

  • Unclaimed money search - unclaimed funds that legally belong to a certain individual.
Best Unclaimed Money Search

  • People search - a background check based on a name search. Results in all the data listed here.
Best People Search
  • Inmate search - a service that helps locate the whereabouts of an inmates, as well as their criminal record report.
Best Inmate Search

  • Conviction search - the guilty verdicts of an individual.
Best Conviction Search

  • Sex offender search - a sex offender search that is based on a zip code. Provides users with the names, mugshots, convictions and exact location of registered sex offenders. 
Best Sex Offender Search

  • Phone number search - a full background check provided based on a person's phone number.
Best Phone Number Search
  • Email lookup - a background check that is based on an indivicual's or a company's email address.
Best Email Lookup

  • Reverse address lookup - a report that includes a background check based on the address of a property. The data includes any debts listed on a house, census data, mortgage information and more.
Best Reverse Address Lookup

  • Background checks - public records checks that provide information on arrest criminal records, records, social media information, and more.
Best Background Checks
  • Companies information - a search that reveals information about companies financial records, data on the owners, filed of work and more.
Best Companies Information


Benefits of Using GoLookUp

Searching for public records in traditional methods requires you to go to different officials, fill out forms, and pay for every search they conduct on your behalf. Also, you need to wait for several days to get the public records data found under the name of the person in question.

With GoLookUp, you do not have to worry about that. Once you enter the name of the person you are searching for, the people search engine will begin a quick public records search and will provide you with a detailed report within minutes. The fast people search service will save you a great deal of time, and allow you to find information in ease.

If you do not know how to spell the name of a certain person, or you need to conduct a search on several people, GoLookUp offers unlimited search options. That way you can get a people search report on any person you want without paying additional fees.

To make sure that all your questions and queries are answered, GoLookUp also operates a 24/7 customer support service. In case you do not know how to use a service of one kind or another, the experts at the customer center will assist you.

Security is also an added benefit of using GoLookUp. The people search engine protect users' information by applying security programs of the highest quality. The protection grid allows you to conduct all your searches easily and know that your personal data is safe.

The best people search provided to you by GoLookUp can help you discover information about others that you cannot find in any other way. The added benefits if using GoLookUp make is the best people search engine around that you can easily use at any time you want.


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