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Best Places to Live in California!

by Garry S.

San Diego California, Best Places to Live in California

Top Residential Areas in California

California christened the Golden State has a lot to offer to its residents – right from its natural beauty, outdoor activities, to sandy beaches and winery! 

Let us look at the top places to live in California.

1. Fremont
This place is home to affluent residents and is a highly sought after area to live in. it is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and sports an extremely low crime rate, pleasant sunny weather, and a stable housing environment. This city features in most lists amongst the most livable cities in California.

2. Irvine
The city of Irvine is located in Orange County. It is an affluent city owing to its booming and ever-growing job market. The weather is beautiful, the environment is conducive for families and also the crime rate is low, so the city is safe. The housing market is stable and it has multiple amenities for residents to lead a fulfilling life.

3. Los Angeles
Everyone knows about Los Angeles rightly called a city for dreamers. This is home to the booming film and entertainment industry of the U.S. It hosts the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame and multiple Hollywood production studios. It offers an upscale living for the affluent with its word class restaurants, picturesque outdoors, sunny weather and a stable housing market. It is a truly cosmopolitan place to reside in.

San Diego California

4. Mill Valley
This city is known for its top class amenities. It hosts multiple parks and offers easy accessibility to San Francisco. It is one of the safest cities in California and also is known for its exceptionally high-quality education owing to its distinguished schools.

5. Palo Alto
Palo Alto is one of the more expensive cities in California. Owning a home here is not cheap. However, residents here vouch for the fact that living here is worth every penny you pay and even more. This city is located at the center of Silicon Valley. It is home to numerous booming companies which put the unemployment rate as negligible. The schools here are highly rated and impart quality education. The weather is sunny all through and the place also has family-friendly attractions like museums and more. What is more is that the crime rate is exceptionally low.

6. San Diego
This is one of the best coastal cities for living in California. You can go on raving about its attributes. Sun-kissed beaches perfect for surfing, warm climate, excellent restaurants and more make this place the preferred residential area for a lot of Californians. The job market is healthy and booming and hence the quality of life here is really high.  It offers a wide range of outdoor activities and the crime rate is low.

Best Places to Live in California

7. San Francisco
The mere mention of this city brings representative images to your mind- Golden Gate Bridge, Cable Cars etc. If you want to stay in a busy, hustling bustling city which has a thriving job market, then San Francisco is the place to be. It also boasts of high per capita income and world-class restaurants which contribute towards a completely upscale, urban living.

8. Santa Monica
This Southern California town offers sunny weather all through the year. Quaint walkable streets and an excellent beach community for residents make Santa Monica one of the most popular places in California. Close proximity to Los Angeles makes the housing market in this town pricier than many other areas in California. However, the beaches, first-class amenities, pleasant weather, and easy accessibility tend to attract residents from a wide range of demographics to Santa Monica.

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