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Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Walmart is Offering!

by Keren P.

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans, Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Walmart

Best Walmart Prepaid Cell Phone Plans to Buy

A cell phone can be seen in almost everyone's hand. While choosing the right phone for you is an important decision, and you probably spend a lot of time researching the best one. In the same way, selecting a good cell phone plan is also an essential aspect for the entire experience.

Here is a list of 6 Best Wallmart Prepaid cell phone plans that can be suited to your needs

Overall Best: Straight Talk $45 Unlimited 30 Day Plan

This plan beats out any competition that has unlimited text, talk, and data. This plan provides you with nationwide coverage on one of the country’s most dependable and largest networks, ie 4G LTE. You can rest assured that you will have the coverage you can rely on as soon as you leave the comfort of your wireless network. Another plus point of this plan is that it is easy to start, all you have to do is order it on, and you will get your PIN within the next 60 minutes.

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Budget Best: TracFone $19.99 Basic Phone 60 Minutes Plan

This is the plan you choose when you have a tight budget but still need a reliable network. For less than $20 you can get access to a total go 60 minutes of talk, text, and data valid for the next 90 days. This plan is excellent for someone who doesn’t use their phone that much but has it in the case of emergencies.


Best option from Verizon: Verizon Wireless $50 Prepaid Refill Card

If you are under the impression that going contract-free means, you will have work with a no-name provider you can think again. At you can get plans from many top name brands which includes Verizon. This plan from Verizon can be renewed every month, and you will get unlimited US talk and text, along with 5 GB of high-speed data after which you will have bonus 2G data.

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Walmart

Best from AT&T: AT&T Prepaid Direct Load $65

AT&T plans give you a chance to go, and they are plans that are similar to those you may find at a dedicated prepaid service provider. When you need a refill, all you need to do is buy a card on the Walmart website, and you will instantly get your talk, text, and data back. Another great benefit of choosing a plan from here is the great friends and family schemes that gives you $5 off on the second connection, $10 off on the third connection, and $15 off on the fourth connection.

Best for Data Users: T-Mobile Monthly 4G $50 Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web

It is in data packages where most users struggle to make the plan work for them. The plan from T-Mobile is the most flexible for prepaid plans available for data usages. When you choose unlimited or pay as you go plans from, you can get them without having to go to the store.

Best for Music Lovers: Boost Mobile $35 Re-Boost Card

If you love music apps such as Pandora, YouTube, and Spotify you need to check out the plans that Boost offers. These plans have a variety of benefits that include unlimited data, talk, and text. It also includes all the taxes and other fees so that you are not surprised with added costs at the time of billing. However, the best feature they offer is the unlimited streaming of music without worrying about using up all of your data. Another good feature is that if you are not able to pay the monthly fees on time, you can switch to a daily plan without added costs.

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