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The 9 Best Two-Player PS4 to Buy

by Eddie V.

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 9 Two-Player PS4 Games You Have to Try

When PS came out, two-player games were in vogue and were extremely popular. They are also very popular today. You can compete with your friends, siblings, spouse, colleagues or neighbors. Add some snacks and drinks and you can actually have fun the entire day.  Depending on your mood, you could go for a relaxing game, a thrilling one or a one that is more cinematic. Let look at some of the best Two-Player PS4 Games that you can pick up. 

  • Little Big Planet 3
This is one of the most relaxing two-player PS4 game in the market.  It is a side-scrolling adventure game that lets you and your playmate set your own pace as you progress through the game. It lets you solve mysteries together. It is a favorite amongst kids and grownups alike. It is cute and friendly. You can customize your own character, dress it up the way you want and also customize and create your own game level. You also have access to play levels created by other users. It is light-hearted and enjoyable.

PS4 Games

  • Diablo III: Ultimate Evil
This one is a thriller PS4 game. You and your playmate have to join forces and battle against monsters and enemies who work for the evil character Diablo. As you progress through the game, you can collect power-ups, weapons, armor etc that can help you fight the enemies better. You can choose from 6 heroes and get more than 70 hours of gameplay. Each landscape is different and you will face multiple monsters as you pass through the level. If you buy the Ultimate Evil edition, you have the Nemesis option. If a monster happens to kill you, it can become a nemesis and move on to stalk one of your friends from your list.

  • Stars Wars Battlefront II
A must for all Star Wars fans, in this two-player PS4 game, you team up with your buddy and shoot at Yodas. This game makes alive all your fantasies on Star Wars. You can ride on bikes at a neck-breaking speed; operate AT-ATs and more.

  • A Way Out
This game is tad emotional. You and your friend will have to team up and play out a story where two prisoners work together in order to escape from prison. This game has to be played from the perspective of a third person.

  • Far Cry 5
This is a fun game which gives you action and excitement. You and your friend can create a ruckus by hijacking a helicopter, shooting rockets, jumping out, crashing into a cow and more. You need to complete multiple levels/missions together.

Two Player PS4 Games

  • HellDivers
This is an isometric shooter game. You join forces with your buddy and fight an intergalactic war. This is an easy game for starters and you have to fire enemies like bugs, cyborgs and other enemies as they come on the screen. You have to cross missions and level up.
  • Mortal Kombat
You and your buddy fight against each other using different attacks and special moves. This game is known for its almost brutal finishing moves and extremely realistic graphics.
  • Dying Light: The Following
This is a horror game played in the first person. The motive is survival. You have to ward off a population of man-eating zombies. You have to find a cure for the zombie infection while you pass through multiple game levels. The main plot remains a mystery that you need to unravel.
No matter which game you choose from the above list, you and your game buddy are guaranteed to experience multiple fun-filled hours.

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