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Resume Builder App Free: We Review the Best Ones!

by Keren P.

Resume Builder App Free, Best Resume Builder App

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Are you tired of companies rejecting your job applications for a visually less appealing resume? Are you frantically searching for that ideal resume builder app to step up your career ladder? Well, your search ends here. This article will provide you with all the amazing resume builder apps you need to impress your employer.

Since your resume provides all the important information regarding your education, qualification and job experience, it is a crucial tool in defining your career. It is the first thing that an employer sees even before you have faced an interview. Let’s face it- the employer goes through hundreds of resumes throughout the day. So, the point is- why would your employer select you among all? The answer- an eye-catching resume which is unique in its presentation.

One of the golden rules in the process of the job application is that you need an engaging cover letter for the multiple positions you apply. The same rule goes for resumes. If you want to get roped into a top-notch marketing agency, it's imperative that your resume is more visually appealing, with more emphasis on graphics. However, if you are applying through an online portal, there would be an applicant tracking system installed which would look for keywords. So, in this case, a more conventional resume would work better. Hence it is always a good habit to explore more options when it comes to building your resume.

Resume Builder App Free

Here is a list of some of the best resume building apps you can access through your smartphones no matter where you are:

Resume Builder

One of the most basic apps which you can access through your android device, Resume Builder can instantaneously make your resume look better. With multiple varieties of templates to choose from, this can become your go-to app if you are looking for apps which can quickly fix your resume. The best part of this app is it just does not stop after creating a more visually appealing resume; it offers useful tips and guidelines that can make your resume more engaging and informatively enriched.

Pocket Resume app

Pocket Resume is perhaps one of the best apps available for creating an amazing resume. It’s easy to install, has a user-friendly interface and the best part is- not only does it create amazing resumes but also sends it people interested in taking a look at it, anytime! Through this brilliant app, you can create and access your resume and also send it to any employer of your choice through email.

Curriculum Vitae

It’s a simple and straightforward app to access. Having a simple yet effective interface, it allows the user to navigate its platform effortlessly. You just need to fill in your essentials and it will build your resume and even save it as a PDF! Also, if you want to share your picture on the resume, this app lets you do that as well. Simply share your picture from your gallery and you are good to go.

Resume Free

My Resume Builders

If you are short on time and want to create a resume to attract employers, this would be it. Also, this app includes a plethora of different formats which gives you the option of picking and choosing font size and style according to your preference.

With an increasing number of people using smartphones, it has become one of the most used devices for job search and resumes postings. While computers are more versatile when it comes to building resumes, they are always not the best option when you are searching for jobs on-the-go. With the above-mentioned resume building apps available on your smartphones, you can easily create and access your resumes and send it to people in just a jiffy!


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