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Best Sexting Apps: These are the Best Sexting Apps!

by Bob V.

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If you are Looking for Sexting Apps, These are the Most Popular Sexting Apps You Should Know!

Sexting is perfectly legal if it is done between consenting adults. It is described as the action of sending NSFW or Not Safe For Work texts or nude photographs. The action is generally observed between couples in long distance relationships. People also sext to spice up their life or to know someone new.

Problems crop up when the sext is seen by a non-intended recipient. The worst case scenario is the photograph ends up online, thus potentially seen by millions of unknown people. The good news is that a number of apps are available which protect your privacy from curious eyes. They do not allow screenshots to be taken, equaling ironclad privacy. If you sext, remember that you are most vulnerable when the photograph reaches your phone or you are about to send the picture. It is vital to lock the phone through a fingerprint or password. Delete sensitive photographs and videos or at least archive them.

The advantage of encryption is that the company which facilitates the message cannot access the content history. This means it cannot share any data with third parties, including law enforcement or advertisers.

Signal as a Sexting App

This sexting app is highly secure. It is recommended by Edward Snowden. Signal comes with end-to-end encryption. Such encryption means that even the coding company behind this app cannot listen to the phone calls you make or read the messages you send or receive. You can confidently use this app for phone calls and private messaging. Since it is open source and also peer-reviewed, the app is always up-to-date. The app hardly stores information concerning its users. It can be accessed on both Android, desktop and iOS platforms.

signal messaging app

Wickr Me: Best Sexting App? 

Signal and Wickr Me are similar in the sense that they both provide end-to-end encryption. It also supports multiple desktop platforms like Linux, Mac, and Windows. It means you can continue the conversation from any device regardless of the device you started it. You cannot reset the password and the app does not solicit personal information, like a phone number. It is possible to send videos and photos and any number of file with each one not exceeding 10MB. You can also set the length of time after which the message disappears once it is read. Recipients cannot take screenshots. This facility gets blocked. Even if the recipient manages to take a screenshot, the sender will be notified of the same. This app is available on both Android and iOS. Do remember that Apple does not permit developers to block screenshots.

wicker me sexting app

Facebook Secret Conversations

The Messenger app created by Facebook has the Secret Conversations feature. It protects communications with end-to-end encryption inspired from Signal's technology. You can make every conversation private if both you and the recipient have turned on the Secret Conversations feature. Both of you must also use Facebook Messenger app. This feature is unavailable on or desktop app of Facebook. You can set the message expiration time.  It is available on both Android and iOS.

secret app facebook

Dust: Safe Sexting App

The principal attraction of Draw is that the messages disappear. All sent messages vanish after 24 hours or as soon as you read them. It is possible to delete messages from the phone of the recipient. The app can detect if you have taken any screenshot and it will alert the sender if you did. Even if it happens that the recipient shares the content with others, the sender's details will remain hidden. There is one problem though: many users have reported app crashes. It can be accessed on both Android and iOS.

Dust Sexing App Best

Confide: Secured Sexting App

This app blocks screenshots. If someone takes a screenshot, it will show up as a featureless blank one. The texts disappear immediately after the recipient reads them. It is available on both Android and iOS.

Confide Best Sexting App?


Omegle combines anonymity with sexting, and it allows you to connect with people and start talking to them, on whatever it may be. Omegle is basically a Russian roulette sexting app that connects you to random people you don't know, and you can start sexting away at will. Both you and the people you speak with remain anonymous while using Omegle, and you can choose if and when you want to expose your identity or take the conversations to another level, like meeting in person, for instance.

Omegle sexting


This message will self-destruct in 3,2,1, Kaboom! Kaboom is part social media app, part sexting app that you can use to send self-destructing messages, photos, and links that will disappear like they never existed. When using Kaboom, the things you write will go to external storage, they will be read on external storage, and will disappear, so the person who receives your messages will not be able to copy, save or forward them.

Kaboom sexting


Kik is one of the most popular texting apps that quickly became a sexting app thanks to its unique feature. With Kik, you can connect not only with your friends, but also with bots, websites, and strangers. This social sexting app connects people by scanning codes, so you can choose who you want to speak with and find people to chat with. Thanks to the privacy features, you will remain anonymous while using Kik and get your freak on with like-minded people.

Kik sexting


While traditional dating apps connect people based on their personality and interests, XMatch can connect you with those who have the same bedroom preferences as you. With XMatch you can have one-on-one conversations with people that like the same things as you do when it comes to sex. You can also enter group chats and sext multiple people at once that share your desires and fantasies and enjoy a little spice in your life.

XMatch sexting


Telegram gives WhatsApp a run for its money, and it became one of the most popular texting apps in the world. Privacy is key when it comes to Telegram, and people can use it to sext one another without having to worry their conversations are breached in any way. Aside from sexting, you can use Telegram to send naughty files and links while being certain that you remain safe. It is easy to download and use, and you can sext away whenever you want with Telegram and its synced contact and data system.

Telegram app


If you are searching for an all-inclusive iOS sexting app that works well with Android, you should try SnapSext. The app allows users to hook up easily and share racy texts, photos, and fantasies. The successful SnapText has been around for 9 years, and it is a safe-haves where sexting fans can get together without worrying about their privacy. The iOS sexting app is simple to use, and you can live stream, have video chats, and decide who you want to meet up in real life. The sign up for SnapSext is simple, and there are no bells and whistles that will distract you during the use.



Another fun iOS sexting app is WellHello that you can use on your PC and your phone. On WellHello you can chat with singles or couples who are into swinging that have the same sexual interests as you. On the app you will find people with a myriad of sexual orientation, so you are guaranteed to find a person who is searching for the same things as you are. The app has an email verification registration, so you certain the people you speak with are not online trolls. Once you find someone you like talking to, you can move to private messaging and use the app's gallery that allows you to upload and share racy photos with like-minded people.


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