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May 2019

Review of the Top 10 Best Smart Home Devices and What Smart Homes Are. Understand What Smart Homes are and Get the Best Smart Home Device!

What is a Smart Home Device and What You Need to Know about Smart Homes!

A smart home is a modern home that uses the latest technology and automation to control appliances, lighting and electronic devices in the house. It has a communication network that connects all these different appliances and allows it to be remotely controlled, accessed and monitored. A mobile or an app is used to remotely control your smart home. A smart home provides homeowners with security, comfort, energy efficiency and convenience. Devices that are smart home enabled, include appliances like, refrigerators, washing machine, hairdryer, microwaves, ovens, temperature control units, lighting devices, television, computer, entertainment systems and security systems. It keeps the mind at ease when you're not home because you can have a quick glance through your mobile or tablet to check if everything is alright at home, even when you're out or at work. You can command the smart home through voice recognition, remote control or mobile devices. Smart devices connect to the internet and allow you to access and control them remotely over wifi or mobile data.

what is a smart home

There are a couple of reasons why people invest in these smart homes. Some of the reasons are listed below.

- Convenience - with automation and remote control, the smart home simplifies tasks at home.

- Security - with communication and sensor technology, your home can be monitored and alerted.

- Efficiency - It controls when appliances turn on and off and also keeps track of the amount of energy used per day.

Every smart home allows different areas of the house to communicate through a central control system. Switches, timers and sensors are used to figure out when and how the automated systems should work. For example, when you are going to sleep, it activates the security, draws the curtains and switches off the lights and appliances.

Here are Some of the Features that Smart Homes Can Do:

1. Thermostat control

The homeowner can control the heating an cooling of their home according to what they want with a click of a button or voice command.

2. Vehicle Detection

The system can detect when a car approaches the driveway and alert the homeowner. With a Bluetooth headset, the system can announce the arrival of visitors and a GSM can alert the homeowner through a message. It is useful when the homeowner is not at home.

3. Remote access.

Plans change often and when you're not heading home at a specific time, being able to communicate changes to your smart home and changing the settings in the system is an advantage. Communicating these changes remotely is a beautiful feature of a smart home. Remote access allows homeowners to monitor their home environment from their cell phones, laptops or tablets.

4. Management of the energy consumed.

The automation system in smart homes can help you conserve and save energy. They turn off devices and appliances that are not in use automatically. The energy saving feature must be activated when the system is installed.

5. Protection and security.

The security feature is advanced, with improvements in technology. The homeowner can control the security levels, arming and disarming the alarm, editing specific settings, and have details of the security codes. Sensors are set up inside and outside the home, to detect any sign of forced entry or intrusion. These sensors are connected to the main system which alerts the homeowner.

6. A system that is personalized.

Every system is personalized to the homeowner's lifestyle. To automate the home, the system needs to be in sync with the homeowner's timings and schedules and daily habits. Manufacturers have installed systems that have tools to customize the system to specific needs.


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