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Need a Spell Check App? These are the Best Ones!

by Garry S.

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Best Spelling Check Apps and Websites

When you work with text, whether you are writing a homework assignment, a research paper, a short story, an email to a client or a project proposal, you would want it to be well-written. The very basic requirement of a well-written document is that it shouldn’t contain any spelling errors. Spell check is an important thing to do when you write something. Most word processing software would have a spell checker in-built. But this may not have all the features you need. Making use of apps or websites to spell check and also grammar check what you have written is a good thing to do.

Let’s look at the best spelling check apps and websites that you could use to ensure the text you have written is free from errors. Let’s first look at some top apps that you could download on your smartphone.

 Best Spell Check App

Spell and Grammer Check App Tools

Following are some of the best apps for spell check:

This app can be used in both computers and smartphones. Apart from English, it also supports 40 other languages. It even has an option, whereby it can rewrite the sentence for you to make it perfect. It is a paid app and cost $20.97 per month. Students get a discount.

Ginger spell check app

This app can be integrated with Word. It not only corrects spelling and grammar errors but also corrects errors in the sentence style. It has an in-built plagiarism checker and is an integrated app. It costs you $14.95 per month.

WhiteSmoke spell check app

This app is free for iOS. It not only spell checks but acts as a thesaurus and allows you to look for alternate words. The synonym checker is great for those doing creative writing.

CorrectMe spell check app
This is a proofreading app, with an inbuilt option for detecting plagiarism. You can save the text on the cloud and even integrated with your Dropbox account.


English Grammar Spell Checker
This helps you correct spelling and grammar errors, as you type the sentence. It also has an option of reading out loud the text you have typed. You can add words to its in-built dictionary.

English Grammar Spell Checker spell check app

Best Websites for Spell Check:

There are many websites, which have online web check option. You can copy text from any other sources and paste it, and it helps you detect spelling errors and also grammatical mistakes. Some of the popular websites include:

Grammarly is, without doubt, the leader in spell and grammar check. The website can be used to have a comprehensive check of your document. The best part is that it comes for free. Grammarly can be integrated with Google docs on your phone, and also with your browser. So, whenever you type anything, Grammarly points out the mistakes and prompts you with the suggestion to correct the mistakes. It is the best website for checking for spelling and grammar errors.

Grammarly spell check app

This is a powerful online grammar checker, which can help detect spelling and grammar errors. Apart from English, it supports 20 other languages. It can be integrated with Word, Google Docs, Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers so that you can catch any error instantly and rectify it. The basic version is free; the advanced version requires a fee of $10 per month.

LanguageToo spell check app

This online site not only checks spelling and grammar, but it also helps you to correct the style of your document and improve its quality. The Online version is free.

Hemingway spell check app

This is a good tool for academic documents. Apart from spelling and grammar, it can also detect plagiarism. The basic version is free.

PaperRater spell check
This is a writing assistant that has 2,000 rules to make you document error-free and as close to perfection as possible. Its pricing starts at $8 per month. spell check


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