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Best Work from Home Jobs

by Keren P.

Work from Home, Best Work from Home Jobs

Want to Work from Home? These are the Best Home Jobs to Consider!

Millennials are all about working remotely and the more millennials that come into the market, the more difficult it is to get a job that is home-based. Landing a work from home job can sometimes be a dream come true as it offers more flexibility and comes with the added perk of not having to deal with the traffic during your commute from the couch to your workspace.

Another difficulty in finding legitimate work from home jobs is that there are 60 scams for every legitimate job out there. However, many employers are offering telecommuting jobs to cut costs and find employees that are more talented but do not live in the area. Below is a list of 12 work from home jobs that are perfect for someone who wants to work from the comfort of their own home.

Virtual Assistant
This job has enormous potential as it covers some different things. Small businesses usually prefer to hire virtual assistants as they are not able to justify having a permanent employee.

Work from Home

Medical Transcriptionist
This is a very demanding job as it involves listening to and typing out dictations that come from doctors. Some of these can have heavy accents, talk to other people, or slur their words while dictating. These kinds of jobs are growing in number, so if you enjoy hearing medical matters, this may just be the job for you.

People who are fluent in more than one language can translate audio files or documents word from word. They also need to keep the cultural differences in mind while translating.

Web designer or developer
Most of the home-based hiring is done in the information technology sector. A home based web developer or web designer would be able to offer services such as custom website designs, template modification, redesigning, hosting, and code updates.


Call Center Representatives
When you think of a call center, you usually think of an office with rows and rows of cubicles and people on the phone. However, more and more call center representatives are independent contractors that take the calls at home.

Tech Support
This job is in the same line as for call center representatives, but they are technical support specialists that work remotely and has been named as one of the three best work from home jobs.

Travel Agent
Operating a home-based travel agency can be a huge business as it is profit based and can be run entirely on the phone and via the internet.

Best Work from Home Jobs

There are some online sources for students to learn virtually. Along with these sources come the opportunities for teachers and tutors to work virtually. While distance learning is not something new, it is an excellent way for teachers to earn extra right from their living rooms.

Although the print publishing industry may be suffering a little, there are some jobs listed for writers, editors, and proofreaders, especially for internet. Not only can it be a lot of fun but there is a high earning possibility.

Franchise Owner
If you want to start a business at home, a franchise can be a great idea as they offer you a ready-made business along with brand awareness, territory, and system.

Social Media Manager
This is another job that is grown with the introduction of the internet and social media. If you have a knack for creating great posts that draw views, this should be the choice for you.

Child care provider
For stay at home moms that already have kids at home, this is an excellent option as it kills two birds with one stone.


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