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Big Oven: Social Dinner Making and Grocery Shopping App Big Oven Review!

by Kelly B.

Big Oven, Big Oven App, Big Oven App Review

Big Oven App Review

There was a time some years ago when the introduction of many recipe books made those scrapbooks and handwritten index cards on recipes obsolete. Now, the time has come when recipe apps are making even those books outdated. Free on both Android and iOS platforms, we present this review on a recipe app called Big Oven, which is an excellent example of why a recipe app can be superior to the traditional recipe books.

The app has a collection of over 3,50,000 recipes taken from newspapers and magazines. It is free on both the two platforms. The app comes with a robust search engine, which is equipped with several choices to find a recipe the user would like.

Also, there is a search trick for "leftovers" that is great for utilizing the extra food in the user's fridge. Plus, if you wish to be excited about learning a new recipe, it is possible to come across what recipes the other users of Big Oven are preparing or even look for a random recipe.

Big Oven

You can just search for a specific kind of food or a particular item ranging from drinks to desserts. When a particular recipe on the app is clicked, it displays the approximate preparation time, and the ingredients including baking, the maximum serving size, as well as a calorie count if applicable.

Everything is so simple to read while the recipe ratings are marked clearly close to the title. The marking is done using a specific star system while relevant information for the user can also be found. You will be able to see the ads at the screen's bottom and yet they do not interfere with your experience,

However, everything is not free as you have to pay an annual membership fee of 19.99 USD for enjoying the facilities of the Big Oven app. Some other great features include offering unlimited user additions, enabling user access to all the recipes of this app, and eliminating ads.

Big Oven App

However, in case you are a registered user of the app, you can enjoy the benefits of its free versions on most occasions. However, if you get addicted to it and cannot resist using it regularly, upgrading the app is not a bad option.

Big Oven offers a unique experience in contrast to many other available recipe apps. As such, its user base is expanding, you can explore tons of available recipes. Its user interface is extremely simple to use.


  • The ability to scan both printed, as well as, handwritten recipes.
  • Images can be easily converted to text.
  • Sharing of menu planning and household grocery list are possible.
  • Multiple counts can be used to access a single menu plan and grocery list.
  • Ad-free use is possible
  • If you opt for a membership, which is optional, you can eliminate the appearance of ads, as well as, include an unlimited number of recipes and an excellent complimentary trial model.
  • Provides a huge list of recipes through its search and advanced search features.
Big Oven App Review
  • There is a mammoth number of delicious cooking recipes, which you can find through its advanced search options, enabling setting the dietary restrictions, the kind of ingredients to be either excluded or included, and which categories you wish to search for.
  • Ingredients are further broken into nutritional information
  • It is possible to see any meal's nutritional information based on their contents.
  • Excellent organizational choices
  • Folders have been used in the app extremely well so that they can be set up based on the persons you cook for, occasions for cooking, and more.
  • It is a great creator of the grocery list
  • Comes with a free trial option
  • Synchronizing with other devices and the web is quite easy.
  • Excellent menu planner
Big Oven Review


  • Restricted organizational choices
  • A subscription is needed to save the recipes in folders like "favorites" and "try." Plus, there are categories for recipes made and added.
  • Images can be scanned only on chargeable basis
  • While BigOven enables the users to take images of typed or handwritten recipes, as well as scan their transcriptions, only the first three are free, thereafter, there is a charge of 20 USD every year for a maximum of 25 extra scans.

This Big Oven review by an experienced user sums up the app perfectly"

-"I was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded this app on my Kindle HDX, and I'm happy to say that it fully delivered what it promised. First off I do want to bring attention to the fact that this app is essentially the mobile version of an already pre-existing website [...]. There are a huge number of recipes and the application itself is very user-friendly. I didn't have any trouble at all navigating the application after I set up my account and I really loved how the recipes themselves are all inside the app and take up the full page, so you're not being forced to click links and leave the app. So the fact that I could navigate the app and not be forced to leave it to read recipes is awesome, it gets a 5/5 from me.


+ Easy to use/navigate

+ No out-of-app navigation. Don't have to leave the app to see recipes, unless whoever listed the recipe specifically forces you to, but that's not on the app or website itself.

+ It's free! (for the most part)


- This is not an issue for me, but you do need internet access in order to use it because it's essentially a mobile app for their website [...].

- You need to join their site to use most of the features, but this is understandable because they need you to have a login to remember your settings and Favorites. Once again, for me, this is a non-issue but some may be turned off from it.

- Some of the features are locked behind Pro"

Final Verdict

The kind of social aspect BigOven has created has given it the same status for cooks as that of Facebook for other users. It is also available with a collection of tools making cooking a breeze. In case you like planning your menu, you will be fond of the app's calendar-based attribute. It resembles a conventional glossy book.


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