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7 Types of Love Affairs

Do you live in a simple world where there is only one type of affair? In this modern world, relationship dynamics are changing and ever-evolving. Things are getting more and more complex. There are now seven different types of ways that your partner can be unfaithful to you or cheat on you. Depending on the situation all the different affairs makes you feel lost, betrayed and hurt. Without any further delay let us discuss the seven different types of affairs, that can leave you heartbroken.

The Sexual Affair

The physical affair is the classic one that comes to mind when anyone talks about affair. This happens when one person in the relationship has sexual relation with someone outside of their relationship. It is the most popular and common of all different types of affairs. In this affair, the person is only interested in getting sexual satisfaction from someone else and means nothing more than that. Although that does not mean the partner is not left shattered and heartbroken. This is described as the ‘just sex’ kind of cheating.

7 Types of Affairs
An Emotional Affair

An emotional affair generally starts with a casual friendship that eventually grows into a deeply intimate emotional connection. You may think this is an entirely platonic relationship and it cannot hurt your actual marriage or relationship. That is not true when you are so deeply involved emotionally with someone else it affects the relationship with your partner. A report showed that 35% of the wives and around 45% of the husbands admitted to emotional cheating. When you have someone other than your partner that fulfills your emotional needs you are cheating on them.

The Virtual Affair

Yes, you have not physically cheated on your partner but you are constantly involved with someone virtually. When you connect with someone on social media or online dating sites and tell them things that you should be telling your husband or wife then you are having a digital affair. You confide in them and form a virtual bond. Sending flirty or seductive messages makes you a culprit in this situation.

The Opportunist Affair

If you describe this sexual interaction as a one-time thing or that it didn’t mean anything, then it was an opportunist affair. This affair results from a sudden weakness or an impulse. Remember when Ross was on a break and he thought he has broken up with Rachel in the hit sitcom Friends. He was drunk and depressed and he slept with some random girl that he met in a bar. He had a one night stand and felt awful the morning after. Still, it does not make it less of cheating.

Types of Affairs
Distraction Affair

You might not even realize you are doing such a thing. You only think that you are busier than usual, or you might be more distracted with some other things in your mind. That is perfectly normal if it happens occasionally and you cannot give your partner enough time and attention. But if the distractions become bigger than your marriage then you have a problem.

Serial Affair

The ultimate playboys and sex addicts are involved in serial affairs. They do not just have a one night stand or have affair with one particular person. They keep cheating on you on multiple occasions with multiple partners. They do not have any real feelings for their partners or enough respect for their marriage or relationship. They are addicted to sex and are not concerned about the consequences.

Double Life Affair

It is popularly referred to having ‘some bacon on the side’. In this, the person is involved in a meaningful relationship with their partner, but still has an affair with someone on the side. The person is cheating with someone who can potentially take the partner’s place in their lives.

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