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A Guide to Changing Cheating Behavior
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Once a cheater, always a cheater. Or that’s what we have been told. But, is it possible, can cheaters change? Is cheating behavior a permanent personality trait or can a cheater change? Let’s look at some common cheater behavior and cheating habits to conclude our question, do cheaters change?

Maybe you cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend once, learned from this experience and never repeat this mistake. That’s okay mistakes happen. But, if you are someone who has gotten into a pattern of cheating in relationships, you need to understand why this is happening and if there is a way for you to stop it.

You might begin to feel that your cheating impulse is not under your control, but there’s always a way you can check it. So, if you do in fact want to stop cheating, there’s no use telling yourself that lie. Face the truth, every cheater can change.

can a cheater change

Why do cheaters cheat?

Ever wonder why serial cheaters cheat? Some cheat for personal validation. They are not satisfied with the validation they receive from their partners and look outside of their relationships to gain this. When they can sleep with a different individual, they look at it as conquest and feel validated about their personality and appearance.

Then, there are those that think of themselves as being entitled to having multiple sexual partners because of their power or position in society, or in their relationship.

Cheating, when done by someone you wouldn’t expect to be a cheater, is probably a result of unhappiness in their relationship. They may have fought with their significant other and felt the need to get even. So they did what first came to their mind i.e., cheat.

can cheaters change

Things get complicated for a serial cheater wanting to recover

If you are a serial cheater, you are probably affected to the endorphin rush your brain gets every time you do something risky, like cheating on your partner. The added rush of getting caught can be another reason you keep repeating this behavior.

So what are the options for recovery available to you?

Enlist professional help
In other words, see a counselor. Talk to a therapist about why you think you can't stop cheating and what you could do, to check this cheating behavior.

Be honest
The next time you feel the urge to cheat, let your partner know. The disappointment on their face will be a significant deterrent in keeping you from actually pursuing that person, who has caught your eye. Honesty is one of the most necessary qualities; every relationship should have in it.

It’s only natural that you’ll be attracted to other people if you and your partner have been in a relationship for a while. There's no point hiding this from your partner. Talking about it is healthier for your relationship. Let’s not criminalize attraction.
do cheaters change

Avoid temptation
If you truly want to change your cheating behavior, one move you have to make is to avoid temptation. You need to think about the triggers that make you cheat, like having people you have had affairs with on your social media account, going to singles bars, strip clubs, and so on.

It can be very difficult at first, but if you are serious about remaining faithful, avoiding temptation is key; so, delete lovers from your phone and social media accounts, avoid places and people that lead you to cheat, and over time you will find yourself resisting temptation more easily.

Put more time and effort in your current relationship
If you want to remain with your partner, then changing your cheating behavior is not enough; you need to invest more time and effort in your relationship than you used to. Reconnecting with your partner on an intimate level, both physically and emotionally, can help you get over your cheating behavior.

It could also lead you to the conclusion that the relationship is not right for you, which is often the cause of cheating behavior. Either way, spending more time with your partner can help you get over your cheating ways, and get to know the person you know better.

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Spend time with friends who are in committed relationships
Going out with single friends is fun, but is often creates peer pressure to follow their lead and pick up cute strangers. So, if you are committed to changing your cheating behavior, you are better off spending time with friends who are in committed relationships.

That does not mean that you should stop going out with your single friends; it means that you should make smarter decisions, and go to places where the risk of temptation is low. If you have more single friends that friends who are in relationships, go with them to places where you can have fun without "hunting".


Some people cheat once and are done with it. Some people make a habit out of cheating. Can these people ever stop cheating? Hopefully, this article was somewhat informative in that respect. Can cheaters change their cheater behavior? Of course, they can. They haven't been genetically programmed to cheat.

All they need to do is get to the root of what is making them cheat. Once they’ve realized this, they can try to meet this need of theirs in other, more acceptable ways, than cheating on their partners. Never say never. Once a cheater, may not be a cheater the second time around!

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