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Get to Know the Best Websites That Will Help You Catch Cheaters

So you think your partner may be cheating? It is fairly normal to suspect a partner in a relationship considering the statistics regarding unfaithfulness in relationships. In our age, cheating is one of the most common causes of marriages breaking up. This is amplified because of the accessibility people have to technology and apps that make cheating easier. A smartphone is one of the cheater’s best friends. With a smartphone, you can use dating apps to find potential people to cheat with, and keep messages secret from a partner. 

Catch a Cheater App

Since signs of cheating online are fairly easy to cover up, especially if there is a passcode on the phone, how can you be sure if your partner is being faithful to you or is hiding an affair? While the websites covered in this article won’t give you a straight yes or no answer, they will help provide more background information which will let you know whether you can trust them or not. 

These are the Best Websites to Use to Catch Cheaters 


Spokeo is people search service that was founded in 2006 by four Stanford University graduates. It allows you to search by phone number, name, email, username or address to find information about someone in your life. Spokeo also runs a search on over 120 social media networks for unknown online dating accounts or social media profiles that a cheater may have created.

One report will cost you 1.95 but you can get a one-month Spokeo membership for $23.76/month or a three-month Spokeo membership - $13.75/month which will allow you unlimited searches. 

Catch a Cheater Websites

People Looker  

People Looker is a public records search engine headquartered in New York. People Looker offers a search method using the name of your partner, the city, and age. You will need to register for an account before receiving information on your search target. 

You cannot just buy one report from People Looker, you will need to purchase a monthly plan which starts at $18.28/ month or a three-month membership plan for $14.62 per month. These plans include unlimited searches where you can get information about a potential cheater and 

find a cheater


GoLookUp is an online background check site that specializes in deep data extraction, this is particularly helpful while looking to find evidence of cheating, as deep data searches will show results that may not be available to other services including social media information and criminal records. With a monthly membership starting at 23 dollars, users can perform unlimited searches on the platform using their account. 

Been Verified

Founded in 2007, Been Verified is an online background search company based in New York. The site has a username search which is popular in catching cheaters. A username search may uncover hidden social profiles belonging to the individual, real name, contact information & criminal records. If you do not have the username you can also run a search using a phone number, email or name. 1-month membership of Been Verified will cost $26.89 /month and 3-month membership will cost $17.48/month.


Spytrackers is a program that you will have to install on your partner’s phone. It will allow you to know where a phone is, and where it's been. You will be able to access the call logs and view contact info like name, number date, and call duration. You will be able to see all sent, received and deleted text messages as well as a list of all the apps on the phone. 

Spytrackers offers a 10-day free trial to use the service, after which you will be charged 40 dollars a month. 

 best websites to catch a cheater


This site uses deep web searches to gain information about a search query you provide. The MeRelation phone lookup tool uses an algorithm to search the web, social media, and online dating sites. In the report, you can find who's behind the text or call, but you may also find data like social activity and dating profiles to help you get even more information about a phone number. The search can also be run using a name or email address. 


While this website is geared towards keeping a child-safe, it has a number of features that also help with catching a cheater. Kidguard is a software you can install on your child (or partners) phone in order to see the exact location the phone is located, which apps are installed on the phone, and view their browser history. You will also be able to see all the text messages as well as phone logs. 

Kidguard also has a blog on which they share information on “How to monitor someone's cell phone” as well as offer people searches. Plans start at 40 dollars a month. 

 best websites to catch a cheater

Detective Life 

Detective Life is a very simple website to catch a cheater, all you need to do is type the phone number of your partner’s cell phone and the search will begin to run. Detective Life utilizes the service of Been Verified to scan millions of public records and online sources to uncover details about someone. You will receive the information in the form of a personal background check report that you can access at any time.

Relationship Hero 

If you are looking for a way to get catch your partner cheating, there is no healthier and more productive way than to get your partner to admit to it. Honesty is one of the keys to maintaining a successful relationship, and by working it, you will have a better chance of pulling through. Relationship Hero connects you with a relationship coach that will help you. When matching with a coach, you will be able to select the issue you are dealing with, in this case, you would select cheating. Relationship Hero offers a free consultation and a various number of programs for different costs. You can also purchase an unlimited subscription which will allow you up to 3 sessions per week for $59 USD per week billed monthly. 

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